Recently, Yahoo Homes published an article outlining great ways to remodel small bathrooms to create the appearance of more space. Using vessel sinks creates more storage space, since the sink doesn’t take up space in your vanity! Here are some of the best looking vessel sinks on the market—and their more affordable twins. Keep in mind, these sinks are sold without hardware like drains and faucets.

Knockout: Basic black is always complementary and beautiful in any space. Bellacor has a gorgeous Polished Black Granite Euro Vessel Sink available from the Yosemite Home Décor Ronat collection. This 36″W sink sells for just $797.40 with free shipping.

Knockoff: If you’re willing to lose the gleam of the polished surface and go for a stunning mate finish, check out the knockoff at Home Depot. The Pegasus Vessel Sink in Black may be a little smaller at 31.5″W, but at a price of $303.20 and free shipping, it’s worth considering.

Savings: $494.20 or 62%

Knockout: Another neat vessel sink from Bellacor is the Tortoise Shell Designer Glass Vessel Sink. This stunningly beautiful 18.5″W mottled brown-colored sink sells for $339.95 with free shipping.

Knockoff: If you’re willing to go two inches smaller, you can get the Eden Bath Glass Round Vessel Sink from Lowe’s. Their 16.5″W sink has similar pearly brown coloring, but sells for just $170.10 with free in-store pickup.

Savings: $169.85 or 50%

Knockout: If you’re looking for something a little simpler, check out the Ronbow Boat Vessel Sink with Tempered Glass sold by All Modern. This transparent 22″W bowl sink is clearly a winner in knockout sinks. But the price is not, coming in at $284.25 with free shipping.

Knockoff: Step over to and you can pick up a similar look in their Levana Modern Glass Bathroom Vessel Sink. At 21.5″W, this vessel sells for a much more reasonable price of just $106.99 with free shipping.

Savings: $177.26 or 62%

Knockout: Finally, if you love the timeless versatility of white, take a look at the Panorama Circular Rectangle Ceramic Bathroom Sink sold at Wayfair. This bowl is a pristine favorite and sports a roomy 27.6″ of width. It also carries a price tag of $609.10 with free shipping.

Knockoff: Love the look of the Knockout but hate the hefty price tag? Check out what Signature Hardware has to offer! Their Ritter Vessel Sink in white is slightly smaller at 23″W but sells for only $119.95 with free shipping.

Savings: $489.15 or 80%

Knockout Knockoffs: Vessel Sinks