When it comes to a pop of color, bold and modern go hand-in-hand!

Knockout: All Modern’s Vitra Panton Side Chair. Crafted of rigid expanded plastic, this red chair is brightly colored and has a glossy lacquer finish for extra durability. But the price is staggering—one chair sells for $1,575 with free shipping!

Knockoff: Overstock’s S Red Chair. Something this stunning is sure to find a place among the copy cat artists, and sure enough, Overstock has done it again with their near duplicate of the designer chair. The S Red Chair sells in a set of 2 for a stunning (in a good way) price of just $274.89, also with free shipping! Talk about getting a bang for your buck!

Savings on 2 chairs: $2,875.11 or 91%

Knockout Knockoffs: Vitra Red Panton Side Chair