If you have spent any time on Pinterest searching for crafting ideas I am sure you have noticed the abundance of decorative baker's twine. It’s such a versatile product that comes in so many colors! Use it for crafting and scrapbooking or to wrap up a gift, tie on a tag, or decorate a card. I have found baker's twine for as little as 25 cents a yard—which may seem pretty reasonable—but you have to buy it in unreasonably large spools, and then you have to pay shipping, as well. If you want more than one color, the cost can really start to add up! You can easily make your own twine in any color for only two cents a yard with just white crochet thread and permanent markers. No shipping, no big spools to buy, and just two cents a yard!

Materials Needed

  • White cotton crochet thread, size 3 ($2.69 for 125 yards)
  • Permanent markers (not fine tipped)
  • Piece of cardboard about the same size as a ruler
  • Wooden dowels, spools or pieces of cardboard to wrap finished twine around


  1. Tape one end of the thread at the top of your cardboard.
  2. Start wrapping the thread tightly around the cardboard, making sure to keep the threads pushed close together.
  3. When you have a few inches of tightly wrapped thread, tape the other end of the string to the cardboard.
  4. Using the permanent marker, draw diagonal lines across the thread (on both sides). Thick markers work best.
  5. Unwind your newly colored thread off the cardboard and transfer to a spool. I stored my twine on some pieces of dowel that I cut into 2-inch pieces. You could also use small pieces of cardboard.
  6. Now go enjoy some crafting with your own colorful, handcrafted twine!

Make Your Own Decorative Baker’s Twine!