I.Love.Foaming Soap.

What can I say? I love all those fluffy, light bubbles on my hands, ready to whisk away all that dirt and grime down the drain.

At our home, we go through A LOT of liquid hand soap and facial cleaners, but I hate the wastefulness of all those bottles and pumps, even when recycled. And even though I buy my products with coupons, they still cost money.

So for the past several years, I have been making my own foaming hand soap and foaming facial cleansers.

Why? I dislike throwing away empty containers, thinking of the amount of money I just toss down the drain. I don’t love cleaning the goopy mess standard soap pumps can leave in the sink. And it’s hard for me to pay between $5 and $15 for a product I know I can make myself!

Since I've learned to save money by living a KCL lifestyle, I've been motivated to budget wisely and be less wasteful. Making my own foaming hand soap and foaming facial cleaner is a simple no-brainer. It saves money and reduces waste, and it is ideal for people with allergies and sensitivities to fragrances or certain chemicals.

It’s also a fast fix when having company. A pretty bottle of foaming hand soap looks nice and neat on the bathroom counter. It can be customized for different seasons and occasions and adds a personal touch for guests.

And it takes less than a minute to do!

DIY Homemade Foaming Hand Soap or Facial Cleanser

Choose a dispenser for the foaming soap and a liquid soap or liquid facial cleanser. Fill the empty soap dispenser approximately 4/5 full with warm water.

Fill the remaining space with liquid soap or cleanser, allowing enough space to re-insert the pump after the soap is added.

Screw the pump back on and shake gently to mix.

That's it! Less than a minute's work for a lot of savings!

How much can you save? Consider these products:

  • Bath and Body Works foaming soap: $5.50
  • Trader Joe's liquid hand soap: $3.97
  • Walmart's Equate liquid hand soap $3.88
  • Alba Botanical Liquid Face Cleaner: $12.99
  • Biore Liquid Facial Cleanser: $11

The cost per bottle of homemade foaming hand soap or foaming facial cleanser ranges from $0.10 to $0.40.

And think of all the foaming hand dispensers you'll save from the landfill!

This has been a guest post by Deborah from San Diego, CA
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Make Your Own Foaming Handsoap or Facial Cleanser