Looking for beautiful holiday decorations?  Or maybe you need an inexpensive gift idea that’s simple enough for a toddler to pull off!  Either way, frosted candles are a great option.   You can use candles from Walmart, the dollar store, or even used candles that you have around your house!   Purchase Epsom salt at any drugstore.  A 4 lb carton filled with Epsom salt costs about $4.

Supplies Needed:

  • Epsom salt
  • Mod Podge
  • candles


  1. Spread out some Mod Podge on waxed paper, a plate or an easily-cleaned surface.  Spread out Epsom salt as well, on a separate surface.
  2. Roll your candle in the Mod Podge until it is covered. (Not the top or bottom, though!)
  3. Then roll the candle in your Epsom salt and let dry.  Ta-da!

Thanks, Remodeling This Life!

Make Your Own Glittering Holiday Candles with Epsom Salt!