Looking for some new and creative gift wrapping hacks? Here’s a list of KCL’s favorites! Check out these Hobby Lobby hacks to stock up on supplies.


1. Use candy as bows and toppers.


2. Attach photos instead of gift tags on presents.


3. Get creases out of ribbon with a flat iron.


4. Tape crayons and toys onto kraft-paper wrapped gifts.



5. Make your own star garland with Model Magic.

With a rolling pin, roll out Model Magic onto freezer or wax paper (don’t use regular paper as the Model Magic will stick). Use a small cookie cutter of your choice to cut out the modeling clay. Then follow the drying instructions on the package. Glue the dried shapes onto ribbon or baker’s twine and wrap around a gift.

NOTE: The more you work with and knead the Model Magic, the easier it will be to roll out and cut with cookie cutters.


6. Keep ribbons neat with a paper towel holder.


7. Or use a binder clip to keep a ribbon roll secure.


8. Wrap a big cardboard box and use it as a decorative wrapping-paper wastebasket on Christmas day.


9. Use a candy cane to seal gift bags.


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10. Make your own gift bag.

Grab a roll of wrapping paper (thicker paper works best), roll it out, and cut to size according to the gift. Fold both sides into the middle, overlapping just a little, and tape along the whole edge. The more tape you use the better.

Fold the bottom up, pull apart the opening, and flatten out the sides.

Fold the top and bottom in together (slighty overlapping them), and tape all the creases and folds.

Carefully open the bag and add your gift. Finally, fold the top back over, tape down, and add a ribbon or bow.



11. Make small gift boxes out of toilet paper tubes.

Flatten a clean tube by creating two creases, then fold and tuck the ends inward to keep your gift from sliding out.


Decorate the tube with ribbon, paper, and twine, and you’re done!


12. Prevent wrapping paper from unrolling with toilet paper tubes.


13. Use double sided tape and confetti instead of ribbons.


14. Wrap with fabric.

Wrapping with fabric works especially well for awkwardly shaped items. Plus, you can reuse the wrapping!


15. Make your own wrapping paper designs with used K-Cups.



16. Or use the newspaper’s comics section as gift wrap.


17. Have kids cut out snowflakes and use them as gift toppers or tags.

After kids cut out shapes, help thread ribbons through holes in the snowflakes, and tie around presents.


18. Decorate presents with twine and washi-tape flags.

19. Organize your gift wrapping station with a wine box.



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