You’ve come to the right place to see the best Keurig deals and coffee deals. We’ll even tell you what to do with all those used K-Cups right here.


1. Slip mini lightbulbs through them for DIY party lights.


2. Use them as mini popsicle molds.

First, plug the hole with a bit of tape or hot glue.

The easiest way to make homemade popsicles is to freeze juice or yogurt, but you can use whatever recipe you’d like. Fill clean, plugged K-Cups, and place a craft stick in the cup (you may want to cut sticks in half so they aren’t so long), using tape to center the stick. Place filled cups on a baking sheet and freeze.


3. Cut a slit through the bottom to make a cardholder.



4. Let kids use them to build things.

Kids can even use them as “bowling pins” and use a marble or bouncy ball as a bowling ball.


5. Start seeds in them.

When you water your seeds, the water will drip out through the hole in the bottom—it’s the perfect vessel!


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6. Create neat patterns when you use them as stamps.

Use the cool patterns you make for cards, DIY wrapping paper, and more.


7. Cover them in fabric or tissue paper to make tiny, decorative planters.


8. Put fresh herbs and olive oil in them, and freeze to get the perfect amount for cooking.

Plug up the used K-Cup hole with tape or hot glue, then fill the K-Cup with olive oil and chopped, fresh herbs. When you’re ready to use it, dip the frozen K-Cup in hot water or cut away the plastic. Simply toss the frozen herb-oil directly into the pan as you cook.


9. Use them to organize small office or craft supplies.

Tacks, paperclips, staples, buttons, sequins…use K-Cups to stay organized!


10. Refill them with more coffee and brew another cup.

Empty the used coffee grounds from K-Cups, making sure to leave the filter intact. Then, use your sink’s spray feature to clean the remaining filter. Let the K-Cup dry overnight, then refill with fresh coffee. Cover with the filled K-Cup with foil, crimping in the sides so the coffee doesn’t spill out, and use normally.


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10 Incredible Ways to Reuse Keurig K-Cups