Love the convenience of K-cups but hate tossing them in your garbage can? If you’re looking for ways to reuse K-cups you’ve come to the right place. I’ve got 10 incredible projects that’ll turn trashed K-cups into something useful, practical, and cool. Let’s get to it.

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1. Start seeds in K-cups.

When you water your seeds, the water will drip out through the hole in the bottom—it’s the perfect vessel!


2. Organize small office or craft supplies with K-cups.

Tacks, paperclips, staples, buttons, sequins…use K-Cups to stay organized!


3. Refill K-cups with more coffee and brew another cup.

Empty the used coffee grounds from K-Cups and rinse. Let the K-Cup dry overnight, then refill with fresh coffee. Cover with the filled K-Cup with foil, crimping in the sides so the coffee doesn’t spill out, and use normally.


4. Slip mini lightbulbs through K-cups for DIY party lights.


5. Use K-cups as mini popsicle molds.

First, plug the hole with a bit of tape or hot glue.

The easiest way to make homemade popsicles is to freeze juice or yogurt, but you can use whatever recipe you’d like. Fill clean, plugged K-Cups, and place a craft stick in the cup (you may want to cut sticks in half so they aren’t so long), using tape to center the stick. Place filled cups on a baking sheet and freeze.



6. Freeze fresh herbs and olive oil in K-cups to get the perfect amount for cooking.

Plug up the used K-Cup hole with tape or hot glue, then fill the K-Cup with olive oil and chopped fresh herbs. When you’re ready to use it, dip the frozen K-Cup in hot water or cut away the plastic. Simply toss the frozen herb-oil directly into the pan as you cook.


7. Use K-cups as stamps on DIY projects.

Use the cool patterns you make for cards, DIY wrapping paper, and more.


8. Let kids use K-cups to build things.

Kids can even use them as “bowling pins” and use a marble or bouncy ball as a bowling ball.


9. Cover K-cups in fabric or tissue paper to make decorative planters.

Take a small piece of fabric or tissue paper and fold it over the edge of the K-cup. Hot glue or tape to the inside of the cup, tie a ribbon around it, and fill.


10. Cut a slit through the K-cup bottom to make a cardholder.

10 Incredible Ways to Reuse Keurig K-Cups