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Where to Buy Scotch Tape to Stock Up for Holiday Wrapping

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We’ve established that wrapping paper is more cost-effective than gift bags, though it does take a bit more of your time to wrap presents. And you’ll need to stock up on Scotch tape to get that wrapping done, which is an added expense. But we have insider knowledge on where to buy Scotch tape this year to get your hands on the lowest price. And it’s only $0.02 per foot.

To finish your wrapping, we also price-compared stick-on Christmas bows to find out who has the lowest price. We hope these guides can be a great resource to help you save as much as possible this holiday season.

A quick look at where to buy Scotch tape:

Don’t instinctively buy the biggest box thinking you’ll get the best per-foot cost.


Here’s where to buy Scotch tape to get the lowest price.

A person holding a roll of Scotch tape.

If you’re looking to score the absolute lowest price on Scotch tape this year, look no further than everyone’s favorite bulk retailer Costco. At just $0.02 per square foot, they offer the best price overall. For comparison’s sake, we stuck to Scotch’s Magic tape, which is in the green roll. We also compared different sized rolls to ensure we found the best price. Pay close attention to whether you should buy the 2-packs or 3-packs to get the most bang for your buck.

graphic showing the price of scotch tape


For lots (and lots) of tape, buy Costco’s 6-pack for just $0.02 per foot.

Costco has a 6-pack of 1,100-inch Scotch tape rolls for a whopping 6,600 inches (or 550 feet). At just $11.99, this works out to $0.02 per foot. The 6-pack gets you three rolls of Magic tape and three rolls of Gift-Wrap tape for all of your adhesive needs. It’s worth noting that the $11.99 price is with a $3 manufacturer’s coupon. Costco’s normal price for this tape is $14.99, but even at the normal price, it’s just $0.03 per foot and the best deal out there.



Amazon’s 6-pack comes in second at just under $0.05 per foot.

The next best price is Amazon. They offer a 6-pack with a total of 325 feet of tape for $15.29. This works out to $0.05 per foot. To break it down further — because we have a lot of tape at the $0.05 price point — it works out to $0.0470 per foot. With Amazon’s ever-changing prices, be sure to price check before you purchase to make sure their cost still beats Target, Walmart, and Walgreens. If Amazon’s price goes up, they might be bumped out of second place on our list.


Target RedCard holders can score a 2-roll pack at a little under $0.05 per foot.

Target is a prime example that buying in bulk isn’t always the best deal. Their 2-pack of 600-inch Scotch tape is $4.79 after the RedCard discount. This works out to $0.0474 per foot. But if you buy the 3-pack of 350-inch rolls for $4.36 after the discount, you’re paying $0.498 per foot. It’s a minuscule difference but goes to show that sometimes the smaller packs have more per roll and are a better deal (and a space saver!).

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Tip: Always check the length of the rolls, and don’t assume more rolls at a lower price actually mean a better deal.


Walmart is also $0.05 per foot and a tenth of a cent more than Amazon and Target.

Walmart comes in at $0.05 ($0.0489, to be exact) when you buy their 2-pack of 600-inch Scotch tape. Like Target, other packs of tape don’t work out to be as good a deal. So if you see the 2-pack for $4.89 on the shelves, grab it and know you’re getting one of the best prices this year.

ONLINE or In-Store Deal
Shipping: Free with Walmart+ or on orders of $35+
Pickup: Free

Hobby Lobby’s 2-pack rings up at $0.06 per foot.

Though Hobby Lobby has other Christmas necessities on sale for 60% off right now, Scotch tape is not one of them. Their best deal is a 2-pack for $2.99, and that works out to $0.06 per foot. Not the worst price, but not the best either.


Michaels Scotch tape rolls work out to $0.06 per square foot.

Even with the 30% off coupon using code 330ERPP1212, Michaels has a 3-pack of 300-inch Scotch tape for $4.54 (regularly $6.49). This works out to $0.06 per foot, making it one of the higher prices on our list.


Walgreens has a 37.5-foot roll for $0.07 per foot.

At their normal price, Walgreens has a 450-inch roll of Scotch tape for $2.49, working out to $0.07 per foot. However, throughout the season Walgreens has a buy 1 get 1 50% off promotion on Scotch tape. During this promo period, you get 75 total feet of tape for $3.74, working out to $0.05 (or more exactly $.0499) per foot. Without the BOGO promotion, it’s not a notable price, so skip it unless you see the deal.


Skip Rite Aid at $0.08 per foot.

Rite Aid has a 3-pack of 300-inch Scotch tape for a total of 75 feet. At their $5.79 price, that works out to $0.08 per foot. We don’t recommend buying your tape from Rite Aid this year unless you’re in a bind (or it happens to go on sale for around $3.75, which would make it $0.05 per foot and the average price we’re seeing this year).


Aim to spend no more than $0.05 per foot on Scotch tape.

Costco’s $0.02-per-foot Scotch tape should be your goal this year, but to get a great deal, don’t go over $0.05 per foot. Many stores offer that price point with current sales, so it shouldn’t be hard to find. Our comparison found differences of just a tenth of a penny in some cases, so as long as you stick to stores like Costco, Target, Walmart, and Amazon (if their prices don’t skyrocket due to demand), you’re likely to get a great deal. There’s no need to make a special trip to save a tenth of a cent. Just stock up on tape during your next purchase at any of these $0.05-or-less stores.


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