For as long as I can remember, my mom has sworn by a bit of mustard spread on a cracker to cure an upset stomach. Frankly, the last thing I feel like ingesting when my tummy already hurts is a mustard-garnished cracker! But as far as my mom (and the experts) are concerned, this home remedy really works. Find out about this cool home cure and other equally neat things you can do to use up your mustard stockpile!

1. Gargle with mustard to soothe a sore throat

The summer season is also a major allergy season for many. In fact, for cooler, late-blooming states, summer functions much like spring in the hot and humid south, leaving dry mouth, swollen sinuses, dripping nostrils, aching heads, and sore throats in its wake. Mustard can help—in a hurry!

  • What to do: Combine one teaspoon mustard with one teaspoon salt, one teaspoon honey, one freshly juiced half-lemon, and 2-3 ounces of very hot water. Make sure the water has cooled to non-scalding, then mix and gargle the solution a bit at a time until the soreness eases.

2. Ease burns with mustard

Mustard is an easy, instant home remedy for scalded skin.

  • What to do: Rinse the burned area in cool water. Then gently spread on some mustard. Not only will the cool mustard soak up the pain, but it will prevent blistering in all but the worst burns.

3. Prepare containers for re-use with mustard

Sometimes you have the greatest container, newly empty of its…exceptionally stinky prior contents. Examples might include sardines, pickled onions, garlic spread…you get the idea. Mustard can de-stink even the toughest smells.

  • What to do: Add a teaspoon of mustard with a cup or two of hot water (depending on the container size). Swish and rinse. Repeat if needed.

4. Control weeds with mustard

Here, you’re actually planting mustard rather than spreading it. But the fact is that mustard plants are one of the best natural de-weeding tools out there! If you love gardening but hate weeding, this tip is just for you.

  • What to do: Intersperse mustard seeds with your other plantings, or plant a defensive boarder of mustard seeds along the front or back.

5. Decongest with mustard

There’s little in life less pleasant than waking up with chest congestion and discovering you’re out of all your usual remedies. Mustard can pinch-hit in a jiffy—and you’ll find it is equally effective.

  • What to do: Just rub some mustard on your chest over the congested area. Then wet a cloth with very warm water, and place the cloth over the mustard. Lay back and let the mustard work its magic.

6. Undo stomach upset with mustard

Of course there’s always Mom's home remedy, which I can attest to the efficacy of personally!

  • What to do: Spread a single Saltine (or other relatively tasteless, salty cracker) with mustard. Place upside down on the tongue, chew and swallow. Your stomach distress should ease momentarily (Note: Here, less is more—i.e., five mustard-spread crackers will not ease distress any faster, and may even make it worse.)

7. De-stress and detoxify with mustard

This recipe is even better if you have a bit of fresh or powdered ginger lying around. You can use this for your full body (if you have a bathtub), or as a foot bath, or both.

  • What to do: Combine either one or three tablespoons of mustard with either two or four teaspoons of grated ginger or ginger powder (adjust for the size of the bath). Then add very warm but not hot water. Soak until you feel the stress and toxins leaving.

8. Get the grease off with mustard

Mustard is a natural absorbent, and can soak up grease and grime like nobody's business. The next time you have a particularly nasty, greasy kitchen job, break out the mustard.

  • What to do: Spoon a teaspoon or two of mustard in with the soap and hot water. Scrub. You won't need to wash more than once.

9. Ease arthritis pain with mustard

Just as mustard is a great natural relaxant in a bath and a natural pain-reliever for burns, so too can mustard aid in relieving the pain caused by arthritis in joints.

  • What to do: What could be easier—simply squeeze or spoon out a bit of mustard directly onto the affected joints, then gently massage the mustard into the skin. You’ll notice the ache easing right away.

10. Keep eggs safe from hens with mustard

Finally, did you know that spreading a bit of mustard on chicken eggs can keep laying hens from breakfasting on their own nests?

  • What to do: Simply dab or paint just a bit of mustard onto the egg shell itself. The hens will steer clear—and you can enjoy fresh eggs for breakfast!
10 Surprising Ways to Use Your Mustard Stockpile