I have an amazing tip for scoring great deals on an ordinary household item! I scope out clothing stores that are going out of business in our area. It may come as a surprise, but I am not looking at these stores to score great deals on clothes. I am looking for awesome deals on hangers!

I absolutely love the look of wooden hangers, but paying $5 for a pack of 5 is not ideal! I wanted to find an affordable way to replace my wire hangers. I believe I may have PTSD from watching "Mommy Dearest" as a child! So, I started to take note when I saw stores closing in shopping centers and malls. I have heard that they will usually sell everything they have in stock, including hangers, shelves, TVs etc!  This is a fantastic way to get great deals on hangers.

A national clothing store was going out of business in our area. I went in and, instead of fighting over $5 sweaters, I went to the first associate I saw. I asked if they were selling their wooden hangers to the public. The associate told me that they were told to sell them for $0.10 a piece if anyone wanted them! I told the associate that I would take as many as they had!!

I was able to get 250 dark wood hangers for our closet for $25! That is a steal for plastic hangers, let alone wooden ones! The same wooden hangers that I was able to get are retailed around $1 a piece. That is a 90% savings on something that I wanted but did not want to splurge on. So, if you notice a store closing in your area, think outside the box. While you will probably find awesome deals on clothes, you might even be able to get better deals on unexpected items for your home!

This has been a guest post by Natasha from Rutland, MA
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Wire Begone: How I Score Great Deals on Wooden Hangers