During the weeks preceding Labor Day, we see some of the best paint sales of the year.  Glidden has just released some paint coupons and competing brands are likely to follow suit.  See Glidden deals at Walmart. We all know the merits of a fresh coat of paint. Here are a few ideas (and coupons) to help keep costs down.

Find Paint Coupons

Many paint suppliers offer coupons on a regular basis. Valspar, Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore almost always have a coupon deal you can get. Look online to find them. You can also sign up with Home Depot or Lowe’s to receive coupons, but they don’t always have deals on paint.

$3.00/1 – Glidden Paint, Gallon, Redeem at Walmart – (coupons.com)
$3.00/2 – Glidden Paint, Testers, Redeem at Walmart – (coupons.com)
Available under zip code 90210

$10.00/$50.00 – Sherwin Wililams Pain, Full Retail Price only – (sherwin-williams.com)

30% off – Kelly Moore Premium Paint through labor day – (kellymooresale.com)

Get Samples

Paint samples are invaluable. Not only are they better than swatches to decide what the color is going to actually look like during different times of the day in your room, but they can be used for other things. If you want to paint a small area such as a chair rail a different color, just use the sample. Behr paint samples cost $2.94 a piece at Home Depot and can cover 16 square feet. That's a huge savings over the $25 – $30.00 a gallon cost. Other brands that have pre-mixed samples include: Martha Stewart Living ($2.94 for 8 ounces) and Glidden ( 2 ounce testers often on sale for $1.97 each).


Glidden Brilliance Paint Testers, $2.94, Regular Price
Use $3.00/2 – Glidden Paint, Testers, Redeem at Walmart – (coupons.com)
Final Price: $1.44, when you buy 2

Consider Touch Ups

Once you decide on a color and buy a few gallons, make sure to buy an extra sample in each color. Put the samples away somewhere safe and out of reach of children. This way, you’ll have them on hand, and, if the paint gets chipped, you can fix the wall right away. You won't have to store your nearly empty gallon paint cans, remember what color of paint you used, or go back to the hardware store to get more mixed up.

Skip the Painter’s Tape

I know what you’re thinking, “But stripes on the wall look so cool!”  You’re right, but painter’s tape is expensive. 60 yards of 1 inch tape is $3.93 at Home Depot right now, and it’s on sale! You know you are going to need more than one roll, and if you are trying to cover ceilings, trim, or your carpet you really need tape that is two inches or thicker. Don’t worry–Shur-Line has the solution. You can purchase their paint glide tool for $1.27. It’s 15 inches long, washable and reusable. It’s a great choice for all your precision needs. It will protect a contrasting wall, trim, flooring or ceiling. Just remember to wipe down the edge with a rag or paper towel every few minutes to keep the paint build-up to minimum; this prevents any “bleeding” issues.

Cover Your Rollers

If you are planning a bigger job that's going to take more than one day to complete, cover your rollers at the end of the day. It sounds silly, but you won't be wasting paint by cleaning out your roller, and you'll be saving time.

Here's how it works: Once you are done painting for the day, get your paint-covered roller and place it in your painting tray. Get a black trash bag. Place the paint tray (with the roller still in it) inside the trash bag. Gather the open end of the trash bag and twist and tuck it under the tray. Now your paint is sealed up for the night, you don't have to clean your roller or waste paint, and you are ready to pick up right where you left off in the morning. Of course, if you have small children running around and don’t want them to track paint through the house, you can wrap the roller in saran wrap and clean out the tray. Put the wrapped roller either in the fridge or up on a high shelf where it won’t be disturbed. Make sure it is wrapped tightly if you put the roller in your fridge! I have heard stories of food being contaminated by the paint smell. Nobody wants their milk to taste or smell like paint!

Save Money on Your Next Painting Project