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7 New Uses for Downy Unstopables

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There are so many laundry products on the market today that I dread having to walk down the detergent aisle at the store. Between the stain removers, perfumed additives, whiteness boosters, dryer sheets, and more, I couldn't help but wonder: when did stand alone detergent stop being enough?

It was on a whim—and thanks to a high-value coupon—that I purchased Downy Unstopables several months ago. With a retail price ranging from $5–$7 per a roughly 10 oz. container, this product still wasn't in the bargain range for me. Nonetheless, I gave it a shot.

After use, my laundry smelled nice (but I could get the same effect with cheap dryer sheets), so I decided to forgo its regular use there. But then it dawned on me: if I liked the scent, why couldn't I use the product around the house for other purposes?

And just like that, I have a new favorite product. These pelleted scent boosters come in handy for uses much more varied than just laundry. Considering how much mileage I get from all the additional household applications, a product that retails for about a half dollar per ounce suddenly seems like a bargain!

Here are some of my favorite uses:

  • For the garbage disposal: Sprinkle a tablespoon into the garbage disposal and let it sit (several hours or even several days is fine). Water will eventually break down the pellets, leaving your kitchen sink smelling incredible. Need to get rid of an odor immediately? Simply sprinkle, run water, and grind the disposal as usual.
  • In a pedicure soak: Rather than spend money on pricey bath products, I make Unstopables pull double-duty by adding to warm water during a foot soak. A teaspoon is all you need. I use the pellets as a soft exfoliater and then let them dissolve in the water. Heavenly!
  • As a DIY sachet: Here's a two-step DIY project for the kids. Take mesh jewelry bags (sold in multi-pack at craft stores like Hobby Lobby for 10 cents a piece or less) and add one-fourth to one-half cup Unstopables. Tie and place in closets, drawers, and linen closets as sachets. A small collection of these also make perfect grandparent and teacher gifts!
  • With the kitty litter: To extend the life of your kitty litter (or to mask odors when there's no time to clean the box), sprinkle some Unstopables in along with the litter. Mix in for best results. My feline never seemed to notice the change—but I did! A little goes a long way here.
  • To freshen pre-moistened wipes: Have some unscented baby wipes, glass cleaner wipes, or a stand-up canister of antibacterial wipes that could use some scent freshening? Sprinkle a half tablespoon of Unstopables directly into the plastic container, and let the beads settle to the bottom. They'll stay there for the life of the wipes in the container, infusing them with just enough scent to make the wipes even more pleasant to use.
  • As a potpourri replacement: Unstopables can be used in any area you'd normally want to scent with potpourri. Fill a glass dish with some and place in a sunny window, with stored towels, in a bathroom, in a car or RV, or at the office. They're so small—and colorful!—that their size will hardly be noticed . . . but their scent will! Caution: be sure to place any open dish OUT of the reach of small children, who may mistake the colored gems for candy.
  • As a wax melt: My favorite idea by far is to use Unstopables in place of higher-priced wax blocks in a Scentsy holder or wax burner. Discard when the scent weakens; replace as necessary.  Scents from two or more containers can even be mixed!

Sometimes the best products on the market are those that multitask, and Unstopables sure do, in a big way!

Bonus: Downy is a member of the Proctor &Gamble family, so coupons are routinely available in the P&G inserts that are included in newspapers during the first weekend of every month!

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