You know it’ll be here sooner than we think!

Even though it’s still spring, summer will arrive fast, and the best way to save money on a summer wardrobe for you and your family is to be ahead of the curve.

Here’s how!


1. Create an affordable summer capsule wardrobe.

Select neutrals you can mix and match and include a handful of items that are patterned to add interest to an outfit — like a colorful pair of shoes or a bright scarf.

Have 12 items in your capsule wardrobe or 50 — it’s up to you!

Here’s a good starting point to create a summer capsule wardrobe:

  • Jeans
  • Linen or loose-fitting cotton pants
  • Shorts
  • Tees
  • Tank tops
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Lightweight scarf or wrap
  • Long skirt


2. Add lace if you accidentally cut your jeans too short.

Hey, it happens!

Just find some lace and sew it along the inside of the legs to create more length.


3. Shop Kohl’s in May for the best early sales on women’s summer wear.

Kohl’s usually puts summer clothes on sale starting as early as May.

Plus, it’s not uncommon to find at least two promo codes you can stack online to bring the total down even more while also earning Kohl’s Cash for a future purchase. (You can actually stack up to four if you can find that many!)

We’ve seen women’s tees for $4.67 (regularly $13.00) after applying a dollar-off promo code and a 15% off promo code to a sale price.


4. Pair thin or holey sweaters with shorts or knee-length skirts.

Depending on how hot your summer day is, you may be able to get away with a light sweater over a tank top with jean shorts and sandals.

It’s a good way to wear non-summer clothes all year long.



5. Give worn-out white jeans or shorts new life by dyeing them blue or black.

Get ahold of some Dylon Machine Fabric Dye and turn those stained or otherwise no-longer-white pants or shorts into blue jean shorts!

This dye is easy to use — add the powder, along with your garment, to your dryer cycle.

Get the full tutorial.


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6. Make a cutout shirt from your old jean jacket.

Use fabric glue and sheer fabric to transform your jean jacket into a shirt you can wear over a tank top in the summer.

Cut sections out of the jacket and glue pieces of sheer or lightweight fabric to cover the holes.


7. Put your winter clothes on consignment, and spend what you earn on summer wear.

If you know you’ve got a few items — like coats or boots — that you won’t want to use next winter, take them to a consignment shop where you’ll earn a percentage of the profit when the item sells.

Use the extra cash to buy new summer clothes.


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8. Convert your kids’ outgrown tees into skirts for them in 10 minutes.

The trick here is to keep the original hem and side seams — just add a waistband!

Get the full tutorial.


9. Let your kids paint their old white sneakers with glow paint for summer.

I mean, why not?!

Grab some glow paint on Amazon and apply it to white shoes or sandals. Just make sure you wash the shoes first and use baking soda to remove any stains.

If your kids are old enough, hand the glow paint to them and send them outside to do it themselves!



10. Turn cheap sandals into a statement piece with Mod Podge.

Grab a pair of inexpensive $7 sandals from Walmart and some comic book pages. Next, Mod Podge the clippings to your sandals.

Get the full tutorial.


11. Buy swimsuits on Amazon and save 55% compared to Old Navy.

I won’t even go into how many more styles Amazon offers — everything from traditional one-pieces to retro styles.

Plus, Amazon has a generous return policy, and it’s worth the money you’ll save! Plus, reviews are generally positive.


Old Navy


12. Add iron-ons to last year’s shorts or cutoffs to freshen them up.

Sometimes a simple fix is enough to make something feel new and help you avoid spending money on a whole new pair of shorts!

This is 100% a defensive move to keep you from buying things you don’t need.


13. Turn a cheap, boring V-neck tee into a lattice shirt.

You just need a ruler, scissors, chalk and some studs from Amazon to fancy up a regular tee.

Get the full tutorial.


14. Cut out parts of a button-down shirt to create a fun summer look.

Be sure to cut off the sleeves if it’s a long-sleeved button-down. Because, summer!

Get the full tutorial.



15. Wait until July to replace your flip-flops when they’re $1.00 a pair at Old Navy.

It might seem counterintuitive to buy flip-flops in July when summer is half over, but if your flip-flops from last year can handle a bit more wear, it’s worth it.

Toward the end of July (July 20 last year), Old Navy runs a one-day flip-flop sale where solid-colored pairs are marked down to $1.00 (reg. $3.99).

You can buy up to 10 pairs, and nobody would fault you if you did!


16. Use velcro to create an open-back to your thin sweaters.

Make a single cut down the back and add Velcro to upcycle a thin sweater to wear over a tank top this summer.

Get the full tutorial.


17. DIY your sunglasses to give them a designer look.

Grab some super glue and tiny pearl beads with flat backs, and glue them symmetrically to a pair of thick-rimmed sunglasses.

Be sure to move quickly because super glue dries really fast!

If you’re shopping for pearl beads at Michaels, be sure to use the 40% off coupon inside the Michaels app.


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