Shoes: we all have to wear them. But they can be tough to break in and even tougher to keep looking as good as the day we bought them.

If you’re wondering exactly how to clean shoes or just want some serious shoe hacks, then these tips are your new favorite.

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1. Clean stains off white tennis shoes with nail polish remover.

Wondering how to clean shoes? Just make sure you have some nail polish remover on hand. You’ll need it to clean white shoes, and it’ll also remove scuffs from patent leather shoes.


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2. Tape the 3rd and 4th toes on each foot before wearing closed-toed heels.

Doing this will alter your balance a little and take the pressure off the balls of your feet.


3. Put panty liners in your shoes to absorb sweat.

Wondering how to stop sweaty feet in your favorite summer slip ons? Just keep some panty liners around and you’re all set.


4. Sand the bottoms of shoes that have slippery soles.

The next time you’re at Home Depot just pick up an inexpensive sanding block. Run it over the soles of new or slippery shoes a few times and you won’t have to worry.



5. Prevent chafing on heels with K-Y Jelly.

If you’re a runner or you work out a lot, then this is an absolute must.

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6. Soak blistered feet in warm black tea to reduce infection.

Black tea’s tannins act as astringents that help toughen up feet, reduce infection and stop bleeding from open cuts or scrapes.

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7. Use Windex to shine patent leather shoes.

THIS is how to clean shoes! You probably already have some Windex around, and if not then you need to grab some.


8. Stretch a pair of tight shoes by wearing thick socks and blow-drying the tight area.

This is one of those shoe hacks everyone just needs to know.


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9. Spray your feet with hairspray to prevent them from sliding down or slipping out of heels.

Hairspray also helps when wearing flip flops. Your feet won’t slip out as easily.


10. Stuff newspaper into wet boots to absorb moisture quickly.

This isn’t how to stop sweaty feet inside snow boots, but it’ll get them dry for the next time you — or your kiddo — is ready to head back out into the cold.


11. Loosen tight shoes by placing them in the freezer with Ziploc bags filled with water.

Fill up two Ziploc bags with water, and seal them tightly. Place the bags inside tight shoes, and let them sit overnight in the freezer, or until the water in the bags freezes. As the water freezes, it will slowly expand the bag to gently stretch the walls of your shoes.


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12. Insert wool fabric into shoes to keep your feet warm when it’s cold.

Keep your toes toasty with this little shoe hack. When it’s time to clean your shoes, you can just toss the liners in the wash.



13. Roll a tennis ball under your foot after a long day on your feet.

You can also buy a spiky massage ball on Amazon for about $6.00, but a tennis ball works just as well if you have one.


14. Sprinkle baking soda in shoes to absorb odors.

This is how to clean shoes that are stinky. The best part? There’s really no clean up after. Once the baking soda wears off, just sprinkle some more in.

If you get it on the floor, just vacuum it up — it absorbs odors on carpet, too!


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15. Buff away tough dirt stains on suede shoes with a nail file.

Wondering how to clean shoes that require a gentle touch? This is it! Go slow and use a fine grain nail file. It works with white suede, too.


16. Tie your house or car key to your shoe when you go running.

This works when you head to the gym, too!

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17. Pack breakables, glasses and/or jewelry in your shoes while traveling.

They’re less likely to get lost or damaged in your luggage this way.


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18. Use a shower cap to keep dirty shoes away from clean clothes in your luggage.

If you can’t figure out how to clean shoes on vacation, then at least you won’t spread the damage to the rest of your gear.



19. Keep the shape of tall boots with pool noodles.

Just buy the pool noodles at the end of the summer when they’re on clearance! You can also pick some up at Dollar Tree.


20. Remove scuffs on patent leather shoes with Vaseline.

Use a Q-tip or cotton ball to apply. It’ll also work to clean white shoes.


21. Apply deodorant to your heels and sides of feet to prevent blisters.

The deodorant will help prevent chafing and keep your feet dry.


22. Keep feet free from sweat by spraying dry shampoo into shoes.

Still wondering how to stop sweaty feet? This works especially well when wearing flats.


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