Winter is coming…which means cold weather, snow, and rain.

This year, be smart about staying warm and dry. Use these life-changing cold weather tips to help you survive the winter chill and check out our jacket deals to add another layer of warmth.


1. Blow-dry your sheets before getting in bed if you don’t have an electric blanket.


2. Line the bottom of your fireplace with foil for easy cleanup.

After your fire, fold in the edges with the ashes inside and toss.


3. Waterproof shoes with WD-40.

Not only does WD-40 create a waterproof barrier on shoes, it will also help remove any salt stains on boots during the winter months. Just spray onto the stains, and wipe with a clean rag.


4. You can also spray WD-40 on car windows to prevent snow buildup.

5. Stop ice from forming on your windshield overnight with a blanket.


6. Cover your car’s side mirrors with plastic bags to prevent ice buildup.

Use a clothespin to secure it.


7. Keep a pair of wool socks in your glove box in case your car gets stuck in the snow.

If your car gets stuck, slip the socks over your shoes to create better traction in the snow.


8. Wear pantyhose under your skinny jeans to stay warm.

Pantyhose isn’t as bulky as long underwear or leggings, but will still keep you warm.



9. Stop a run in your stockings or tights with clear nail polish.


10. And keep hosiery and tights from snagging by storing them individually in zip bags.


11. Sand the bottoms of shoes that have slippery soles.

Do this to prevent falling in the rain or snow.


12. Remove road salt from shoes with diluted white vinegar.


13. Use a pants hanger to maintain your boots’ shape.


14. Or, keep tall boots upright with pool noodles.


15. Place homemade wool felt or fabric inserts in shoes to keep your feet warm.

Use the insoles from a winter shoe to make the pattern on wool felt or fabric. Cut out the fabric and insert into your shoes to keep your toes cozy. You can find wool fabric at craft stores like Jo-Ann Fabrics or even on Amazon.


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16. Stuff newspaper into wet boots to absorb moisture quickly.



17. And slip shower caps over shoes to protect them from moisture and mud.


18. You can also keep a bike seat dry with a shower cap.


19. Stop snow from sticking on a shovel with cooking spray.


20. Fog-proof your windshield with shaving cream.

Apply shaving cream to the inside of your car’s windows and wipe it off. Shaving cream and anti-fog solution have similar ingredients, but shaving cream is way cheaper.


21. Or, pour cat litter in an old sock and place it near your windshield to prevent windows from fogging up.

The cat litter will absorb any moisture in your car.


22. Cover windshield wipers with knee-high socks to keep them from freezing before a storm.



23. Prevent frozen pipes by opening cabinet doors under your bathroom and kitchen sinks.

By opening your cabinets, you’ll let warm air circulate around the pipes.


24. Move warm air near the ceiling down by changing the direction of your ceiling fan.

Find the switch on the motor house of your ceiling fan (make sure you turn the fan off before doing this), and simply flip the switch. Or, use your fan’s remote to change directions. All the warm air hanging out near your ceiling will be circulated back down.


25. Heat your house by leaving the oven door open slightly after baking.


26. Thaw a frozen lock by heating a metal key with a lighter.

Then, just insert the hot key to thaw the lock.


27. Make your own firestarter by stuffing toilet paper rolls with dryer lint.


28. Shave away sweater pills with a razor.


29. Hang sweaters like this so they don’t fall off or stretch out.

First, take your sweater and fold it in half lengthwise. Place the hook of the hanger near the the armpit of your sweater.

Then, fold the sleeves and the bottom half over the hanger.



30. And hang scarves with shower rings.


31. Remove winter hair static and frizz with dryer sheets.


32. Moisturize dry, cracked and cut fingers with lip balm.


33. Or, apply honey on chapped lips and skin for a natural moisturizer.


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33 Life-Changing Cold Weather Hacks