Keep your car looking fresh for less with these easy cleaning and organization ideas.


1. Wipe down the interior of your car with a coffee filter.

Their lint-free material is perfect for dusting dashboards!


2. Create backseat pockets with a shoe organizer.

Thread heavy cords or zip ties through the top holes to keep the organizer in place.


3. Get dead bugs off your grille with dryer sheets.

4. Open a frozen car lock by adding a few drops of hand sanitizer to your key.

The alcohol in the hand sanitizer will melt the ice in your lock.

5. Pry open a key ring with a staple remover.

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6. Catch cup-holder crumbs and spills with silicone cupcake liners.


7. Make your own air freshener by applying 5-10 drops of essential oil onto a clothespin.


8. Dust A/C vents with a foam craft brush.


9. Organize all the oil and fluids you need for a road trip in a shower caddy.

10. Keep loose change easily accessible with an empty gum container.

11. Freshen the air in your car with leftover candle wax in a glass candle holder.

On hot days, the wax will melt and release the fragrance you already love in your car.

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11 Amazing Hacks to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized