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Is GOAT Legit? And All Your Other GOAT Questions Answered

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GOAT is one of the main shoe reselling platforms. It’s completely legit and has a rigorous authentication process. You can rest assured that the shoes you purchase from GOAT aren’t fakes. The site deals in high-end sneakers, so if you’re looking for sporty kicks, this is the spot.

And if you encounter a one-in-a-million incident where your shoes aren’t up to par? GOAT does allow you to make returns. You’ve only got a short window to act, but the fact that they allow returns at all is pretty remarkable for the industry.

Bear in mind that GOAT deals in relatively rare shoes. If you’re just looking for something to get your kid through gym class, there are much cheaper options available. But if you’re a collector or want a particular pair of popular shoes, this is one of the most trusted sites in the business. GOAT can be a great platform if you’re reselling shoes, and it’s also great if you’re a sneakerhead just looking to grow your collection.

Here’s everything you need to know about GOAT. But first, make sure to download the KCL app to get even more money-saving tips and side hustle ideas.


Is GOAT legit?

Someone shopping for sneakers on the GOAT website

Yes, GOAT is legit. The company popped up in 2015 when founder Daishin Sugano made a bum purchase on eBay. He wanted there to be a better way to know the shoes you were buying were authentic, so he created one.

In 2018, GOAT was acquired by Flight Club. While there’s some mixing between the two operations behind the scenes, from a consumer standpoint, they operate as two separate companies.


Here’s how GOAT works.

As a buyer, GOAT is pretty straightforward. You shop the marketplace, find the pair you want in your size, and purchase for the listed price.

Usually there are two prices:

  • One for sneakers that are already authenticated and in GOAT’s hands ready to ship to you.
  • Another price for shoes that the seller still has to send in for verification.

You’ll wait a little longer for the second option, and there is a chance that GOAT will reject them if they turn out to be fakes. (If they do turn out to be fake and aren’t shipped, you won’t pay.)

TIP: You can also bid on shoes, but you’re going to have to be really competitive if you want your bid accepted.

If you’re selling sneakers, things are a little more complicated. That’s because GOAT wants to vet you before they start recommending your stock to their buyers.

You’ll have to authenticate your identity before sending in your first pair. Either choose to ship to GOAT to get them pre-verified and paid now or choose to hold onto them to be sent in once GOAT has found a buyer.

Then you’ll be paid once the verification happens. So if you want your money faster, pre-verified might be the way to go.



Does GOAT sell used shoes?

GOAT has both deadstock and used shoes available on their marketplace. If you see an image that looks like it’s manufacturer stock, that’s a good indication that the shoes are brand-spankin’-new.

If the photo looks DIY’d, it’s probably a used pair. This will also be noted in the product description, along with any potential flaws or wear and tear. You’ll always know exactly what you’re purchasing before you place your order.

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Are GOAT shoes verified authentic?

Yes, each and every pair of GOAT shoes are verified for authenticity by a team of in-house experts. This is the entire point of the platform in the first place: giving buyers confidence that their purchases are authentic.

If you’re a seller and you send in a pair of fakes, your seller rating will decrease. You won’t necessarily get kicked off the platform the first time because maybe you got hoodwinked yourself. But a lower seller rating does mean higher fees.


And that leads us to GOAT fees.

If you’re buying, there are no fees in most instances. You’ll pay the purchase price + shipping costs + taxes, and that’s it. However, if you purchase an “Instant” item to get it quicker, there is an 8% processing fee.

But if you’re selling, there are more fees. There’s a $5 seller fee, which lowkey helps cover shipping costs. Then there’s a commission rate that varies based on your seller rating.

Shoe commission fees on StockXX

Everyone starts off at 9.5%, but you can go down from there if you start canceling sales or try to pass off fake shoes. You can redeem yourself, though, by rebuilding your seller rating with each positive, unproblematic sale.

It’s easier to fall than recover, but recovery is possible.

On top of the seller fee and commission, you’ll also be charged a cash-out fee of 2.9% when you transfer your earnings to your bank account or PayPal.


GOAT’s shipping costs are pretty clear.

If you’re a seller, GOAT will issue you a prepaid shipping label to send your shoes in for verification. Technically there’s no charge, but remember you are paying that $5 seller fee.

On the flip side, if you’re shopping, you will incur shipping costs. Standard shipping is $14.50 if you’re in the contiguous U.S. and $15 if you’re in Alaska or Hawaii.

And of course, if you order an Instant item because you want next-day shipping, you’ll incur $27 in shipping costs.

TIP: This isn’t like Amazon’s 2-day shipping. Getting your authenticated order will take some time, especially as the company has warehouses across the world, including in Europe and Asia.


It’s easy to find GOAT coupon codes.

You can find tons of GOAT promo codes via a simple search. But really, the best way to get them is directly from the source themselves by signing up for GOAT emails at the very bottom right of this page.



This is how to use GOAT promo codes.

Two phones, one showing the Settings menu in the GOAT app with the Promo Code button circled in red, and the other showing the page that button takes you to

You can enter GOAT promo codes in the app. Just go to your profile, then click Settings. From there, you’ll be able to enter a promo code and apply it to your account.

If the promo code ends up applying to your order, it’ll automatically make the price deduction at checkout.


What is GOAT’s return policy?

You can return items you’ve purchased from GOAT, but it’s a really tight timeline. Essentially, you can only initiate a return within three days of receiving your order in the mail, and you’re going to have a hard time getting a refund if you did something like order the wrong size. It’s really gotta be about product quality if you want the best results.

Bear in mind that you can only return deadstock. Any used items (or items marked final sale) are unreturnable.

TIP: While it’s amazing GOAT has a return policy at all, you might having varying success in getting in touch with customer service. Agents frequently work out of different time zones around the world, and reviews of customer service experiences range from stellar to dramatically disappointing.


Check out these other spots for finding rare shoes.

Someone opening a box of shoes from StockX

GOAT’s parent company Flight Club is always a good option. You can also check out StockX.

Another way to find rare shoes is to shop via a shoe manufacturer’s app directly, like SNKRS or Adidas Confirmed.

On rare occasions, you’ll even be able to find rare shoes at retailers like Marshalls or T.J.Maxx. This is especially true if you’re hunting for hard-to-find sizes, as Marshalls and T.J.Maxx tend to purchase sizes that other retailers don’t want to stock.

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