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10 New Ways to Use Wax Paper in Your Home

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Wax paper might be a secret weapon for bakers, but it can be used for so many more things. I’ve found that wax paper can make my cleanup easier and save me time, and since it’s inexpensive—I’ve become a huge fan! Check out these 10 alternative uses for wax paper that you can use around your home.

1. Line refrigerator drawers

Lining the fruit and vegetable drawer of the refrigerator will protect it from leaky produce and make cleanup easier. The wax paper will prevent any spills from draining through the paper and onto your refrigerator.

2. Prevent paintbrushes from drying out

Everyone needs a break when they’re painting a room in the house! Instead of washing the paint brush between breaks, wrap the brush in wax paper (this will keep the brush from hardening until your break is over). Another tip is to lay a piece of wax paper over the paint can before applying the lid to prevent the paint from solidifying into a film.

3. Protect your cutting board

I’m a little bit obsessive—I don’t like to damage my cutting board. Next time you need to use your cutting board, take four pieces of wax paper and lay them over the cutting board. This protects the board from germs, makes the board last longer and makes for a quick cleanup!

4. Use wax paper on your Swiffer or dust mop

I love my Swiffer, but those pads are expensive! Instead, try attaching wax paper to the bottom of your Swiffer or dust mop. This is a cheap and easy way to get your floors dirt-free (and it helps you stretch out the use of your Swiffer pads).

5. Fix your zipper problems

Take wax paper and run it up and down your zipper to allow the zipper to zip up more smoothly (plus this will decrease the chance of the zipper teeth sticking and possibly breaking).

6. Protect surfaces from dust buildup

My kitchen cabinets don’t reach to the ceiling, and since they’re hard to get to, they rarely get dusted. Instead, try placing wax paper on the top of your cabinets and replace it every few months. This helps protect the cabinets from the dust and grease particles that accumulate in the kitchen.

7. Clean your can opener

All can openers get a bit grimy after a while. Thankfully, wax paper can be used to clean the blades of your can opener, which means you’ll be able to keep your can opener working longer.

8. Maintain your lawn tools

Lawn tools like trowels are awful to clean. Instead of scrubbing them forever with a sponge, you can ball a piece of wax paper up and use that to easily scrub away the dirt and grime. As an added bonus, the wax paper will also coat your lawn and garden tools to prevent rust.

9. Keep your iron smooth

I like to double a piece of wax paper and run my iron over it on low heat. This tip keeps the iron moving smoothly and not sticking to your clothes when you iron. The paper can be used two to three times before you have to throw it away.

10. Decrease the friction on closet rods and shower curtain rods

The sound of hangers scrapping across the closet rod always reminds me of nails on a chalkboard. To avoid this, take piece of wax paper and rub it on top of your closet rod (the same works for shower curtain rods) and there will be no more awful screeching sounds!


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