White cords wrap themselves around my keys and wallet within my purse. Like a friendly snake, my iPhone charger comes with me wherever I go. Without it, I’d spend half of my day disconnected from Facebook, Twitter and the world in general due to lamentable, “dead battery syndrome.” Yes, I am one of those. I am that lady you see in public places charging her phone while she’s on it. I can’t help it: I’m addicted to social media and know I’m not the only one. If we’re kindred spirits, you know how worrisome it is to find your battery close to its death. Like technology fiends, we carry around chargers of all sorts with us. Well, those days are nearly gone, my friends. Turn off your cell phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you’re not using them. These wireless features drain battery life even when no data is being transmitted. Like desperate men at a bar, they’re ready for action as soon as there’s an opportunity to connect. I doubt Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are necessary at all times in your life. Go to your cell’s settings and turn them off when you don’t plan on receiving data or surfing the web at a hotspot. You may just be able to leave your chargers home for once.




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