Being a KCL is sometimes challenging. If you’re a newbie, you’ve probably started realizing that there are so many new terms to learn in addition to completely changing the way you shop. As a senior KCL, I want to continuously learn new ways to improve my shopping experience (and my savings). Believe it or not, I still learn new things every day! One of the things that I think I’ve finally mastered is the Catalina coupon, and I’ve used my knowledge to gain additional savings. Here’s the 411 on Catalinas:


Catalina coupons

A Catalina is a coupon that prints from a Catalina machine in addition to your receipt. The Catalina may be a manufacturer coupon with a specific deal or a store coupon, which can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon. A Catalina may offer a specific amount off on your next purchase at a particular store, and unfortunately, these coupons can’t be doubled.


Stores that offer Catalinas

Some major stores that offer Catalina coupons are Kroger, Albertsons, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Harris Teeter. This is also the coupon you’re most likely to throw away because it looks like an advertisement. But don’t toss it!

Essential Catalina knowledge

  • Expiration: Catalinas may expire from 2 weeks to 4 months after they’re printed (just like any other coupon). Expiration is dependent on the type of coupon (manufacturer or store).
  • Value: Catalinas usually have a higher face value and can be stacked with store coupons and sales to generate a higher return.
  • Redemption: A Catalina usually states “redeemable at:”—pay attention to this. If it’s a store coupon, this makes a big difference when stacking deals, but if it’s a manufacturer coupon, the Catalina should be eligible for use at other stores—even with a specific store name mentioned on it.
  • Type: A Catalina will either be a manufacturer or store coupon. The type of coupon will be stated at the top.
  • Deal: A Catalina may advertise an in-store deal. My local Harris Teeter advertises sales on their Catalina such as buy 2 items, receive $1.00 off; buy 3 items, receive $2.00 off. This type of Catalina can’t be used as a coupon; it’s just an advertisement. Whether it’s redeemable or not will be stated at the top.
  • Opportunity: A Catalina is easily shared. My least favorite Catalina is on cat food because I don’t have a cat, but this is a great opportunity to share and leave the Catalina on the shelf where cat food is located. (Catalinas aren’t specific to your rewards card.)

Catalina deal examples

Using a Catalina can generate additional savings if paired correctly with sales and other coupons. Here are a couple of examples of deals I’ve taken advantage of in the past:

  • You purchase 3 cans of Campbell’s soup on sale for $1.00 each. You use (1) $0.40 manufacturer coupon, which doubles off of 3 cans at your local store. A Catalina prints at the register to save you $1 towards your next purchase. Essentially, this equals paying $1.20 for 3 cans of Campbell’s soup—an additional 45% savings just by using a Catalina!
  • You receive a $1.50 Catalina manufacturer coupon for Poise pads. When you pair it with the regular purchase price at Target ($3.99) and submit an Ibotta rebate for $2.00, the final out-of-pocket price is $0.49!

Any way I can save money is an incentive to learn new information! Take the Catalina challenge and maximize your savings with a store-provided coupon that falls from the machine right into your hand!

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Essential Catalina Knowledge to Help You Maximize Your Savings