I dunno what you did this weekend, but let me tell you about my last 48 oh-so-glamorous-hours. I just wrapped up a blind taste test of 25 name brand and generic foods! I also got way too invested in beauty shots of stacks of Saltine crackers, but I digress.

Krazy coupon ladies get name brands at generic prices every day by stacking coupons with sales. That’s couponing 101. It’s the bread and butter of the service KCL provides to its readers for free. BUT, lately I’ve been reading all these stats that claim store-brand generics have come a long way in the last few years, and sometimes a girl needs her Oreos, even if there’s not a coupon. So I decided to do my due diligence and test the merchandise.

I gathered a few dozen family and friends, kids and adults; we passed around the blindfolds and tested til our taste buds couldn’t take anymore! We’ll publish the full results this month, but here are some worst store-brands. If someone tells you to try generic cereal, don’t trust them. If someone offers you a store-brand saltine, walk away. If someone bakes you cookies with knock-off chocolate chips, you should probably still eat them because homemade cookies are delicious.

5 Generic Foods that are Worse than You Think! (Perfect for April Fools’ Day, naughty children and exes.)

Cheerios “Toasted-Oats” Cereal

It’s an aversion rooted deep into my core. I’ve hated Toasted Oats since eating them routinely as a kid. After tasting them again this weekend, I can report that sadly, nothing has changed in the last few decades. Cheerios taste ten times better than any generic. Not one participant preferred the generic brand’s over-puffed texture and inferior taste!


Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips

Name brand has more of that pure, bitter-chocolate taste. The generic brand has a much waxier texture and more mild chocolate flavor. 70% of our tasters prefer the name brand. The other 30 don’t know their chocolate like I do. No comparison, in my opinion.



There’s Only One Oreo

Over 90% of our taste testers preferred the original Oreo to the generic black and white cookie. Ask yourself this: Are you really gonna binge eat a package of Oreos and then stay up at night regretting the extra fifty cents you could have saved by buying generic?


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Saltine Crackers

Generic Saltines taste like soggy cardboard. Hint for Great Value: take a clue from the name of the cracker and add some more salt. Over 80% of our testers preferred name brand Saltines to the generic version.


Shredded Wheat Cereal

Like Saltines, the two worst things about generic shredded wheat is lack of salt and poor texture. Over 90% of tasters preferred the name brand. The other 10% disliked both cereals.


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