1. Print the coupons you want to use ASAP.


Manufacturers allow a certain number of prints per coupon. If these prints are used up, you're out of luck! So if you see an awesome coupon, don't delay—print it now!


2. Print 2 of the same coupon from Coupons.com.

Instead of going through the the entire Coupons.com database again, simply hit the back button and refresh to generate a second print.

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3. Print 3 coupons per page to save paper.


Wait until you have “clipped” three coupons from Coupons.com before hitting the print button. You’ll save so much paper this way!

4. If you only do print one coupon, use the extra paper for your shopping list.

You can also just reinsert the used paper back into your printer and print another coupon normally. It totally works! Try it—most printers will think it’s a full sheet!


5. Wait for coupons to reset and print 2 more copies.

Companies will create a coupon that has a limited amount of prints. For example, a Tide laundry detergent coupon may have 10,000 available prints. Since it’s a popular brand, prints may run out fairly quickly. If the company decides to provide more prints, that's called a reset (we’ll post about this on our site when this happens). Once a coupon resets, you can print two additional copies from the same computer you used to print the original two!

Bonus: Set your printer to print black ink only.

Consult the instruction manual for your printer to set the black-only print. Or, before printing the coupons from your Coupons.com queue, hover over the “Print” button and right click. Select “Print…” and change your color settings.

This is a post by Tammy from St. Pauls, NC.

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5 Ways to Print Coupons Like a Pro