Is there an easy way to coupon?

How do I coupon without getting overwhelmed?

It’s totally possible. The easy way to coupon includes baby steps and starting slow — adding more as you feel more confident.

There are a couple of different approaches, and you can choose which one is a good fit for your lifestyle. So choose just one of these three approaches!

Best part? Each approach only has three really easy steps. Pinky promise.


Choose one store and only do coupon deals there until you’re an expert.

This is a beginning couponer’s favorite way to start. If you can just get into the store and do your first transaction, everything else is easy.

Sometimes it’s the dreaded anticipation of that first checkout experience that keeps newbies from ever starting.

There’s more detail about the “choose a store” approach in our Quick Start Guide to Couponing, but here’s the gist:

1. Browse deals for your store inside the KCL app.

After you download the KCL app, select the store of your choice, and scroll through the current deals to find one you like.

2. Choose 3-5 deals and print the coupons, or download apps you’ll need.

Chances are good you’ll need to download Ibotta, a rebate app (learn all about how to use Ibotta). You’ll most likely also need your store’s app, if they have one.

For example, if you choose Target, you’ll need the Target app to access Cartwheel offers, which are extra-percentage-off coupons.

3. Go shopping!

I recommend going to the store at a time of day that’s not traditionally busy. Like, don’t go at 5 p.m. when everyone is shopping after work. Late at night is good; mid-morning works, too.


Get your hands on manufacturer coupons and stack them with sales.

You can do this yourself — you can find a sale and then look for a coupon to match the item on sale, but I don’t recommend it.

The KCL team does this all for you, removing the most overwhelming step of the couponing process. Here’s the best way to shop with manufacturer coupons:

1. Download the KCL app and find 3-5 deals you’d like to try at any store.

With this approach, you’ll look for the best deals at any store and be willing to visit a couple different stores.

2. Print coupons, or download apps you might need.

If there are printables, print as many as you can, and consider asking loved ones to print a few for you if you find something priced so low that it’s a stock-up price. (What is a stock-up price? Learn here.)

Sometimes you can also access manufacturer coupons through a store app. The Walgreens app, Kroger app and Target app offer this. Just note that you can only use one manufacturer coupon per item you’re buying (Learn more about types of coupons).

3. Go shopping!

Use an envelope and paper clips to organize your coupons, and let the cashier know this is your first time couponing. Cashiers are typically helpful.



Focus on smartphone-only deals and ditch paper coupons completely.

Hate the thought of paper coupons?

Lucky for you there are plenty of smartphone-only deals where you either don’t need manufacturer coupons at all, or you can access manufacturer coupons inside a store’s app.

1. Visit the KCL site, and under “Deals,” tap “Smartphone Only Deals.”

You can sort deals on the KCL site and only see those that don’t use any paper coupons at all. Genius, right?!

2. Choose 3-5 deals you want to try, and download any apps you might need for those deals.

Here’s a short list of apps you might need in addition to the KCL app:

Rebate apps (you’ll essentially upload your receipt to the app to get points or cash back)
Fetch Rewards

Store apps (just download the ones for stores you’re shopping)
Target app
Walgreens app
CVS app
Kroger app
Walmart app

3. Go shopping!

Make your shopping list and select any rebate app offers ahead of time if it helps relieve stress.


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