I used to think that finding places to store my ever-growing collection of plastic grocery bags was so burdensome. Now I don’t even use them. On top of saving precious storage space and the environment, using reusable shopping bags also saves me money. Plus, they’re stronger and larger than the flimsy plastic bags grocery stores give you, which means I can usually carry all my groceries from my car to kitchen in one trip!

This list will help you keep tabs on which retailers in your local area are most likely to reward you for reusing your bags!

1. Target

Target has long been one of the leaders in “reuse and save” customer incentive programs—their program launched nationwide in 2009 and is still going strong.

  • Current incentive: Earn a $.05 discount for every reusable bag you bring in to use.
  • Learn more: Sustainable Living

2. Whole Foods

  • Current incentive: Whole Foods offers at least a $.05 discount with every reusable bag you bring with you to bag your groceries.
  • Learn more: Environmental Stewardship

3. Trader Joe’s

  • Current incentives: Some Trader Joe’s stores offer a $.05 discount per reusable bag you bring in to use. Other Trader Joe’s stores offer one entry into a weekly raffle for a $25 Trader Joe’s gift card each time you shop with reusable bags. Offers vary by store, so check your local store to find out what their program is.

4. Kroger (Ralphs, Fred Meyer, Tom Thumb, Harris Teeter, King Soopers, QRC, Fry’s and others)

  • Current incentives: Some Kroger locations offer 5 fuel points for every reusable bag you bring in to use (10 bag limit per shopping trip). Other locations offer a $.04 discount off your final purchase total. Some locations give out a free reusable bag with their annual “Design a Reusable Shopping Bag” and Earth Day celebrations. Check with your local store to find out what promotions are available.
  • Learn more: Fuel Rewards

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5. Lowe’s Foods

  • Current incentive: Lowe’s offers a credit of $.05 for every reusable bag you bring to use (limit of 20 bags).
  • Learn more: Fresh Rewards

6. Brookshire’s

7. Foodland

  • Current incentive: Bring in reusable grocery bags to use and get a $.05 discount per bag (no bag number limit).
  • Learn more: Reusable Bag Credit

8. Reasor’s Foods

8 Stores That Will Pay You to Use Reusable Shopping Bags