As KCLs, we can’t seem to get enough coupons. We all know that the Sunday newspaper is one of the best sources for manufacturer coupons other than those found on However, there are times when the coupon you need isn’t available on either source. When this happens, it’s time to get creative in your coupon-finding approach. Here are eight more sources you can add to your list. When I need a rare coupon, these sources have worked for me, and hopefully they work for you too!

1. Facebook

Loaded with tons of companies offering free samples and exclusive savings, Facebook is an easy place to find manufacturer coupons. Simply “like” your favorite brand’s page and you’ll have access to deals right on your newsfeed. You may have to answer an interesting question or play a quick game before you can gain access to some coupons, but it’s a relatively quick process. Typically, two prints are allowed per deal.

2. Company websites

Don’t forget about going straight to the brand’s website for coupons! Finding a coupon online for a product is one thing you should always do before making a purchase—just Google it!

3. Public Library

Your local library probably receives the Sunday paper along with all of its coupon inserts. Check with them to see if you can go through the papers on Monday. Also, if you don’t have Internet access at home, ask the librarian if you can print coupons from one of the public computers. Because the coupon toolbar has to be downloaded, this request may be denied—however, if your computer access is limited, it may be worth a try.

4. Mobile Apps

ShopmiumIbotta and Checkout 51 are great tools that provide additional savings on items you already use. Some require scanning the item and receipt, while others need just proof of purchase. Savings Star is another app that is specificially linked to store rewards cards for additional, convenient savings.

5. Packaging

Always look inside product packaging for coupons. Savings are hiding everywhere—you just have to know where to look. Peelies are also located on the front of packages and can be used right away.

6. Home delivered products

When you order an item online and have it delivered, be sure to check the packaging for additional savings and coupons. Retailers want to keep you as a customer so they’ll usually persuade you to keep shopping with future discounts. Also, almost all the samples you receive will come with future savings attached, so double check the packaging of a product before you toss it!

7. Store websites

If you have favorite stores, check out their websites for additional coupons. Target is my favorite store, and their website features store coupons which stack nicely with manufacturer coupons. Rite Aid also has coupons that can be added to your store rewards card for additional savings.

8. Company rewards programs

Two of my favorite free savings programs are My Coke Rewards and Kellogg’s Family Rewards. I just ordered an MP3 player with the points I earned through the Coke program, but you can also find exclusive coupons for Coke products once you register. All Coke products have eligible points that you can keep track of online. Kellogg’s Family Rewards are earned by collecting points found on Kellogg’s products. Just by signing up for the program, you’ll receive $15 in exclusive coupons.


8 Ways to Find Rare Coupons