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When it comes to Catalina coupons, there’s nothing better than wowing the cashier as they’re recovering from their shock at how much I saved with coupons.

They think I’m done saving, but I point to the Catalina machine and say “just wait. . .” as my Catalina coupon prints, making my savings even greater.

On the other hand, there’s nothing worse than issues with a Catalina printing. Here’s how to handle the inevitable “my Catalina didn’t print” situation.


Pick a checkout lane with a Catalina machine showing a green light.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?!

Before you even check out, choose a lane with a Catalina machine sporting a happy little green light. This means the machine is functioning and it has sufficient paper. You’ll be less likely to run into problems in the first place.

But if you do have a problem, here are some ways to solve it:


Double-check your receipt to be sure you’ve reached the minimum spend.

Even the savviest couponers make mistakes, so double-checking yourself is always a good approach.

Look at your receipt and make sure you reached the minimum spending requirement, quantity or value. This is the amount before tax or coupons (unless your store advertisements specifically state “After Coupons”).

For example, if you need to spend a minimum of $20 to receive a Catalina and you bought 10 products at $1.99 each, you did NOT reach the minimum — you only spent $19.95 and your Catalina won’t print.

Once you double-check your math and find the error isn’t with you, take further steps.


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Ask to speak to a store manager.

If you have the time and emotional energy, politely tell the store manager which Catalina you were expecting, and ask if there’s anything they can do about it.

The manager may be able to give you a Catalina or a store credit in the amount of the Catalina, solving your problem right then and there.


Call 1-888-8COUPON to reach Catalina customer service.

If your manager can’t help you or you’ve got children who are totally done couponing for the day and you’ve got to race home, you still have options.

Plan to deal with the issue at home by contacting Catalina customer service.

Call 1-888-8COUPON, or 1-888-826-8766. Press 3 if you are a consumer, then wait for a customer service representative and explain the situation.



Fill out a form online at Catalina’s support page to get help.

You’ll be asked to provide your mailing info, the store name and address, the date and time you were shopping, and what offer you expected to receive.

Catalina representatives are friendly and helpful, and you should receive your replacement coupons in about 10-14 days.


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How to Get Catalina Coupons When They Don't Print at the Store