I love any coupon, but let me see a coupon for $1 or more, and I’m after it. I know that coupons are in cycles like sales, but lately I’ve been seeing some great coupons that I can’t resist. When I see a high-value coupon, I print it immediately because the prints may be used up more quickly than on other items. Also, these are great to have a friend print off for you on their computer if it’s an item you love. When I think about the money I used to waste, it makes me more determined to use my couponing skills to their highest advantage and save more each month. Typically $0.25 coupons don’t excite me. Yes, I use them, but they aren’t my favorites. Give me a coupon for $5 off of a board game at Target and you’ve made my day! Those kinds of coupons bring on instant gratification for me. I love to watch my bottom line fall dramatically every time a high-value coupon is used!

The best thing about couponing is learning about each nuance and taking it to the next level. Take advantage of the high-value coupons that come your way and rack up the savings! It’s a new wave of euphoria when your savings overtake your spending. Here are some characteristics of high-value coupons and some tips to get you to that next level.

More than one item

Typically, high-value coupons will require the purchase of two or more items. For example, Tide detergent may have a coupon to save $2 off your purchase of 2 containers. If you can pair this coupon with a sale on Tide, you’ll save even more money. Find a deal where the coupon doubles, and it’s money in your pocket! The challenge with couponing is getting the best deal with your coupon. Read high-value coupons carefully so that you use them correctly and to your advantage!

They’re usually offered on higher priced items

I don’t necessarily use every coupon I have, but I like to keep a lot of coupons available in case I want or need a certain product. For example, I have about six boxes of trash bags in my closet. Recently, I took advantage of a deal at Harris Teeter for two 80-count Glad trash bags for $3.97. The original price was $9.47. It was also super doubles week, so I paired a $1 coupon off of 2 for a grand total of $5.94. I also had a $1 credit for the store deal on my rewards card. In total, I scored 160 Glad trash bags for $0.03 each. Now, that’s taking advantage of a high-value coupon! No, I didn’t exactly need the trash bags right away, but could I pass this up? No way!

Sync with Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Shopmium

There are so many great deals out there—you just have to know where to find them. Mobile apps like Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Shopmium should be checked daily for new deals. Recently, there was a great deal on Belvita cookies on one of these apps. After I paired the deal with a buy 1, get 1 free sale at Harris Teeter, I was in business! Use your coupon in sync with other offers to maximize your savings power.

Use before expiration

I typically look to pair a high-value coupon with a deal within a couple of weeks. One reason is so that I remember to take advantage of the coupon, and the second is because the sales typically coincide. The recent coupon for $3.75 off of 2 Dove products is a great example. I used this coupon the same day I printed it and combined it with a Target hair-care-items mobile coupon. That’s how I coupon—keep combining the deals to limit my total out-of-pocket amount! I really do fuss at myself if I find an expired, high-value coupon in my notebook that I’ve missed. These coupons are special and should be a priority in your coupon organization.

Use with rebates

Frequently, magazines and websites like Facebook have coupons for new items. KCL is great about listing these coupons on their site. Companies also feature rebates on new items to get you to try them. If you can pair high-value coupons along with a great rebate, your out-of-pocket cost will be minimal. I recently got a 16-pound bag of dog food from PetSmart that was around $40. There was an available coupon along with a rebate that saved me $37.99. I basically just paid for the tax on this item—score!

Try new products

If you’re dying to try out a new product, chances are there’s a coupon floating around for it. Use that coupon to purchase the item and see if you like it. You haven’t lost much if you pay a reduced price and don’t like the product. I’ve found that All You magazine features new products with corresponding coupons. KCL lists Facebook deals frequently as well. Print these coupons as soon as you see them before there are no more available!
This is a guest post by Tammy from St. Pauls, NC.


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