I want to thank you for being there when I doubted you. In the beginning there were only newspaper coupons. Yes, the same ones my mother used; I used them for years without a second thought. Then Internet printable coupons came along. My friends showed me your Web page and told me that it would change my couponing experience for the better, and it has!

Despite all the printable coupons on manufacturer sites, Facebook, and other sources, I always come back to you. Here are the reasons why I love you so:

1. You consistently print.

I installed your coupon printer software once, and it has worked every time since. Other sites make me install the software over and over again. Some coupon printers tell me they’re printing but never do, so thank you for working—no matter what browser or computer I’m on!

2. Your coupons actually scan at the register.

I learned early on to turn my print quality up a notch so that all my coupons would scan at the register. Even so, when I use coupons from other sites, I’m never sure they’ll scan well at the register. I don’t know how you do it,, but when I print your coupons, they always scan. I never have to worry about embarrassing moments or discussions with the manager about accepting your coupons.

3. I can find the coupons I want quickly., I love getting to you from KCL’s site because I can search their database for one of your coupons. Other sites don’t have a place for me to easily search for what I’m looking for. KCL not only has a section in their database just for me, but it also lets me search their entire coupon bank using just keywords and brands. Other sites just link to your homepage, but KCL links directly to the coupon I want on your site. I’m glad you two are friends!

4. You don’t make me work for it.

When I find a coupon that I want, I just select it and hit “print.” I don’t have to answer a survey, “like” something, or sign up for a newsletter. There’s nothing worse than sharing tampon coupons with all my friends on Facebook. That’s how I know you love me too: you don’t insist I share with my friends before I can print!

5. You always have everything I want.

You have the biggest and the smallest brands. I can search KCL’s database and almost always find a coupon for what I need. Plus, your coupons are usually the largest money-saving coupons out there.

6. I can print even more of your coupons right from my phone with the KCL app., like KCL, you’re always there for me. I’m so happy that I can conveniently print coupons right from my phone using the KCL app! This means I can get even more coupons by printing both on my mobile device and my computer.

Tip: To start printing coupons from your mobile device, click here.


Thank you, for giving me everything I need in a coupon to score great deals. Thank you for helping me coupon like a pro!

Start printing free coupons!


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