As a krazy coupon lady, I’m naturally drawn to Target’s Up & Up brand. It’s one of my favorite generic brands that goes on sale often. Plus, I can use coupons on them—what could be better than that? The other day I got Up & Up brand replacement filters for my Brita pitcher for 25% off the regular $16.99 price. That’s only $12.74! Compare that to Brita’s price of $18.09 for the same count. As someone who is constantly going, it’s nice to slow down and know that I will always stay on the Up & Up as long as I’m shopping at Target.

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1. Up & Up sales

The Up & Up product sales are located in Target’s weekly ad. Most ads feature an additional percentage off the regular Up & Up price. This is where the savings come in! I’m someone who is crazy enough to believe that I shouldn’t pay full price for major name brands, let alone generic store brands. That’s why the Target Up & Up brand is a personal favorite. Where else can I get less expensive, comparable products on sale!

2. Up & Up coupons

Coupons for Target’s Up & Up brand products are only a click away. Target now has online coupons that not only feature name brand products, but they also contain coupons for Target’s Up & Up brand. Go to http:/ to find their current coupons. Are you in a hurry? Go to the search box, type in “Up & Up,” and the available products will appear. Print these coupons, but be careful! They expire in approximately 7-10 days.

3. Up & Up Cartwheel offers

Download Target’s Cartwheel app and your shopping experience at Target will become quick and easy. Once you log in with your Facebook or Target account, you’ll be able to explore their endless deals. For example, the day I wrote this article there was a coupon for 10% off all Up & Up products storewide! Other days there may be product-specific coupons for items such as bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towels and sandwich bags—coupons that you can’t find on These offers expire quickly, so use them while you have them!

I like to check Cartwheel prior to shopping at Target to see what’s new, but don’t worry if you don’t have time. You can now scan an item’s barcode right in the store from your Cartwheel application to see if there’s a deal for that particular item. It can’t get more convenient than that!

4. Up & Up value packs

Since one of my kids is still potty training, I use a lot of flushable wipes. It’s important to me that Target’s Up & Up wipes come in bulk packages and that they still have the same quality as regular name-brand products. Target’s flushable wipes value pack is only $10.79 (432 count). If I can combine that price with an Up & Up coupon from Cartwheel, you’ll find me beaming with joy because I’ve just saved a bundle. Normally wipes like these are around $26!

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