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Trim will cancel subscriptions for you

Sign up for Trim and give the application read-only access to your bank account (don’t worry– it’s totally safe!), and they’ll comb your account for recurring payments. Then, they’ll send you a message with all applicable services that you’re subscribed to, and you can reply with which services you would like them to cancel for you. Seriously, it’s that easy!

Fakespot will tell you which reviews on Amazon you can trust

Fakespot gives every product on Amazon a grade, A-F. “A” doesn’t mean the product is good or bad. It means the reviews are good and you can trust them to make your purchase. And “F” doesn’t always mean don’t buy. But it definitely means don’t trust a word those reviewers say. Just copy and paste any Amazon product link into Fakespot, and within seconds, you’ll see whether it earned its 5-star reviews or bought them.

BillCutterz will negotiate a lower monthly payment on your bills

Send your bills to BillCutterz, and if they can get you a lower monthly payment, you’ll split 50% of the savings with them monthly for one year. After that, the savings are all yours.

And if BillCutterz can’t get you a lower monthly payment, you don’t pay them anything.

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