As a couponer who is always chasing deals, I encounter empty store shelves and out-of-stock items frequently. And it breaks my deal-finding heart each time—especially when I have to drive across town for one particular item. I’m happy to say that those disappointing days are dying fast. Ever since I discovered two nifty widgets that will allow me to check whether an item is in stock at Target and Walmart, I find myself saving more than just time.

Checking inventory prior to visiting my local Target or Walmart is important to me in the following ways:

  1. I save valuable time. Being a working mom means my daily schedule is packed! Knowing in advance if my trip will be successful is a winning combination for me!
  2. I save gas. Gas prices are decreasing all across the country, so any additional savings I can get by making sure the item I want is in stock is an added plus!
  3. I save myself from stress and disappointment. Because I’m so busy, my couponing time has to be managed. There’s nothing more disappointing than an empty shelf!

How to check Target’s and Walmart’s inventory

  1. Click on this link to start checking inventory:
  2. Click on the “Widgets” tab at the top.
  3. Under the Widgets tab are selections for a Target Inventory Checker and a Walmart Inventory Checker.
  4. Click on the inventory checker of your choice. This will bring up a zip code box and an item ID (Walmart) or DCPI (Target) field. You can find your item’s number by performing a search on the store’s website. For instance, say you’re looking for five sticks of Old Spice Fresh Collections Deodorant for your teenage son. Input “Old Spice Fresh Collections Deodorant” in the search bar.
  5. When you pull up the item at Target, you’ll be given an “overview” of the product’s information toward the bottom of the item description. You should see the DCPI number listed there. Copy the number and return to the inventory checker. When you pull up an item at Walmart, you’ll need to copy the last set of numbers in the URL (the Item ID number) as shown in the example below.
  6. Input your zip code and paste the DPCI (Target) or the Item ID (Walmart) into the appropriate fields. Click on “Submit Query.”





Save Time When You Use This Target & Walmart Inventory Checker