Your transaction is complete and the receipt is printing.  The cashier hands you not one, but two receipts.  Only the second one isn't a receipt, it's a coupon called a Catalina.  Before I started to coupon, I mistakenly thought this was advertising and threw it away.  Hold on to that piece of paper—it's money!

What are Catalinas?

Catalinas are coupons that print out of a machine next to the register at a participating store. The Catalina is dispensed as a long piece of paper and looks like a receipt. In order to qualify for a Catalina, a certain dollar amount or quantity of product has to be purchased. The coupon that prints will be for an offer on a specific product or a dollar amount to save on a future shopping trip to that particular store.

Catalinas are usually customized and unique to every consumer. The offer that’s generated when you’re checking out is dependent upon your purchase behavior. It’s based on the items that you purchased. Catalinas are typically high-value because the company knows you use or may want to try the product they’re marketing.

Where can I find them?

Most often, Catalinas are generated at the time you’re checking out at the grocery store or pharmacy. Some Catalina coupon promotions can be found advertised on the Krazy Coupon Lady website. You can check weekly for Catalina promotions before you even set foot inside a store. Click onto the store tab on the KCL website, then look for the Catalina Promo tab. A list of products and the details of the Catalina promotion will be specified.

Click here for a sample of Catalina Promotions at Fred Meyer, Kroger.

How to use a Catalina 

Catalinas are either store coupons or manufacturer coupons. If it’s a manufacturer's, the word “manufacturer” will be printed on the receipt. Otherwise, the Catalina is for use at that specific store. Catalinas will be printed after the current transaction is completed and may be used on your next shopping trip.

Example Catalina promotion

By checking under the Store tab on the KCL website, I was able to find that Albertsons was having a special Catalina promotion for Colgate products.

In this scenario, if you purchase two Colgate products between the specified dates, you’ll receive a $2.00 Catalina for your next transaction.

Buy Colgate Products between 4/24 – 5/23
Buy 2, Receive a $2.00 Catalina ($1.00 savings per item) on your next shopping trip
If the Catalina is a store exclusive, you may be able to stack it with two manufacturer coupons for Colgate products.

That extra “receipt” just became real money! Check our site weekly for your store to see what Catalina offers are being extended.  It's worth it.






Catalina Coupons: More than Just an Extra "Receipt"