If there’s an item I REALLY want (but probably don’t NEED), I’ll spend hours hunting around for coupons and other methods to save on the item. It’s a major bummer though, after ALL that research and time spent, to realize there’s no coupon available ANYWHERE. Luckily, you can try other methods to try and get that item you need with a coupon! In this guide, you’ll learn how to encourage manufacturers to send you coupons and freebies without even having to ask for them!

4 Options to make contact

There was a time when the only way to connect with a manufacturer was by phone, but times have changed. Today, using the Internet is often both a faster and a more reliable way to make contact—not to mention cheaper if you have limited monthly minutes!

  • Phone: If you plan to connect with manufacturers by phone, it will pay to be mindful of their peak calling hours.
  • Mail: With stamp prices always on the rise, mail should probably be your last resort option.
  • Email: Email is free and fast, but it can be difficult to know if what you send gets read.
  • Social media: Social media is by FAR the most effective way to establish immediate and ongoing connection with manufacturers. I'd start with Twitter and Facebook.

Social media how-to

If you’re new to connecting with manufacturers via social media, these great KCL posts can help!

Note: Today, you’re as likely to receive coupons via email as in the mail, but be SURE you share your full mailing address AND email address before the communication ends!

What to say…and what not to say

What you say will be your ticket to nabbing free coupons—or not.

In this great KCL post, you can learn about four easy ways to reach out:

  • Call with a compliment: Compliments are always welcomed…and frequently net a high value "thank you" from the manufacturer in the form of coupons and/or freebies.
  • Call with a complaint: If you have a complaint, be aware the manufacturer DOES want to know AND make it right to keep your business—so long as you’re courteous.
  • Call with a question: This could be a question about nutrition or product labeling, stockpile storage tips, a repair issue, etc.
  • Call with a request: Here, this could be a suggestion, an idea, or even a direct request for coupons or freebies—if you do decide to go the direct route, asking to try a new product you haven't sampled yet is likely to net the most positive result!

Here, you’ll notice that, except for the last option, you never mention your desire for coupons or freebies at all! Most customer service reps are able to offer coupons at will, so charm can work wonders here.

How to be heard from above the roar

Finally, when you do reach out, be aware you’ll be competing for airspace with lots of other customers. How do you ensure you get heard?

Share details: If you share a compliment, go into detail about how the product has improved your life, why you love it, etc. If you share a complaint, share your initial high hopes before you go into what let you down. If you have a question, make sure it’s thoughtful and detailed. And if you call with a request, be prepared with a personal story to back it up.

Finally, be sure you do your homework: In other words, if you send template emails, be aware of which manufacturers make which products before you send them.

For example, Kraft Foods manufactures Velveeta, Kraft, and Cracker Barrel cheeses. General Mills manufactures Cheerios, Chex, Lucky Charms, and several other cereals. So here, sending Cheerios an email saying you like this cereal so much better than Chex, or vice versa, won't get you the desired coupons…for obvious reasons.

As well, even if you send the same exact template email via different branded product websites, it may still land in the same general manufacturer email inbox or voice mail box…and it won't take long for customer service to notice your template communications stacking up!

Where to start

These manufacturers are well known to send out coupons when you ask—and even when you don't ask. So if you’re new to seeking manufacturer coupons, start with these!

  • Henkel: Click on the brand name (Dial, Renuzit, etc.) to get to that product's website.
  • Turkey Hill: Get printable coupons right away and join the email list for more.
  • Pedigree: Get printable coupons for wet and dry pet food and join the email list for more.
  • Zatarain’sClick on the brand at the top to get recipes and sign up for the email list.
  • Campbell’s: Get printable coupons on the website and more by joining the email list.
  • Blue Bunny: Join the email list to get coupons, and write for even more.
  • Purina: Nab printable coupons from the website and get more by signing up for email and writing.
  • Silk: Sign up for email and get a coupon right away plus entry into member giveaways.
  • PampersGet printable coupons on the website and more when you join the email list.

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Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Manufacturers to Send You Coupons