Back in the day, when I first started couponing, my husband and children thought I was CRAZY (and not with a K). Every day I would come home with tubes of toothpaste to add to my—I mean our—ever-growing stockpile. It’s taken a while, but now my husband and kids are very involved. In fact, my children don’t even remember when we would buy things without coupons. Now that I have found a way to involve my family in this “krazy” way of shopping, I have a few tips on getting your own family involved.

The spouse

1. Show him the money

If your spouse sees the money you’re saving by couponing, he will be more likely to join in. My husband was very skeptical when I first started. However, as soon as he realized that I only spent pennies whereas he was spending hundreds, he quickly learned that we both needed to use coupons while shopping.

2. Write a list

I have found that writing a detailed list of everything grouped by where it can be found, its price, and the exact coupon to use helps my husband more than just sending him with a general list and a stack of unorganized coupons.

3. Clip the coupons

If I have already clipped all of the coupons, my husband is more likely to use them. Two weeks ago he came home with a 3-pack of gum that cost $3.28! I couldn’t believe it! I had 10 Mentos UP2U coupons waiting to be clipped that would have given him free gum. I have now made a conscious effort to have coupons clipped and ready to go for the items he likes.

4. Make it a date

Some of my favorite times have been when my husband and I hit up the local drugstores after the movie on a Friday night. This was especially helpful in the beginning when my husband still didn’t understand Register Rewards and Extra Care Bucks.

5. Don’t be the nag

If I nag my husband when he spends too much at the store, he is less likely to listen to anything else I have to say. Instead, I have learned to bite my tongue and gently remind him of the sales/corresponding coupons for the week in case he plans to stop by the store on his way home from work.

The children

1. Give them the scissors

My six-year-old daughter loves helping me clip coupons. I used to worry about her cutting off bar codes, but as I have let the control go, she has become quite the expert.

2. Let them write the list

This is another area where my six-year-old daughter loves to help. I will tell her what to write and she writes it down.  Since she already knows what we are buying when we go to the store, she doesn’t ask for extras.

3. Let them “pay”

My two-year-old and four-year-old daughters LOVE giving the coupons to the cashier. This is a great way to distract them from all of those expensive treats you find in every checkout aisle. It’s also a great way to soften up some otherwise cranky cashiers.

4. Make them the organizers

By allowing your children to put the coupons in your coupon binder, you save a lot of time. Plus, this is my least-favorite job about couponing, so it’s nice to recruit my little ones who love this task!

5. Be patient

Allow your kids some room to learn. The more patient you can be with them, the more they’re going to learn to love couponing.

I’ve really enjoyed watching my once skeptical husband come home proud of how much he saved from the store. Also, my kids now ask me if an item they want is “free yet” and don’t seem to mind the extra time we spend in the store. My hobby has turned into a way for my husband and me to spend time together and teach our children how to save money. Remember to be patient with your family as they learn the “kraziest” way to shop and have fun!

This is a guest post by Mary from Hickory Creek, TX
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10 Tips to Get Your Family Involved with Coupons