Homework has a bit of a bad reputation. Nobody ever wants to do it, and motivating your children to do their homework this back-to-school season is no easy task.

Make it easier by shopping back-to-school deals on The Krazy Coupon Lady and by using our favorite back-to-school hacks just for homework!


1. Keep school supplies organized by attaching them to a notebook with rubber bands.


2. Prevent distractions with a homework station divider.

This is one of my favorite back-to-school hacks! Pick up a tri-fold poster board for a few bucks, then brighten it up with colored paper or poster board.


3. Practice math problems with foam cups.

Using a permanent marker, label the rim of each cup with numbers and mathematical values.

Cup 1: numbers 0-9

Cup 2: mathematical values

Cup 3: numbers 0-9

Cup 4: mathematical values

Cup 5: numbers 0-9

Cup 6: numbers 0-9


4. Set up a parent inbox where your kids can put papers you need to sign.



5. Twist a rubber band around the end of your eraser-less pencil to erase pencil marks.


6. Carry a “last-minute homework survival kit” in your car.

Be prepared with a glue stick to re-adhere the photo falling off your kiddo’s science project or an extra pen to avoid frantically searching for one when your child pulls out that unsigned field trip form while sitting in the drop-off line at school.

Ideas for items to put in your kit:

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Hand Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Kleenex
  • Non-Perishable Snacks


7. Keep snacks in a three-ring binder with a plastic bag.

If using a regular zip-top bag, reinforce the bottom with packing tape before poking holes through it.


8. Create a homework station by filling a supply bin with everything your kids need to do their homework.

This back-to-school hack has been a huge help for my kids and my sanity. When homework is done, cleanup is a cinch, and no one is ever complaining they can’t find what they need!


9. Use a mirror as a dry-erase board.

10. Add a pocket folder to your child’s backpack for loose papers.

I loathe finding balls of crumpled permission slips and homework at the bottom of a backpack.

Before the school year starts, stick a simple pocket folder in your child’s backpack and tell them to put any loose papers into it instead.

Check out KCL’s Back-to-School Page for all the best deals on school supplies.


11. Make dry erase index cards with packing tape.

Apply clear packing tape to the front and back of index cards. Prep your dry erase card by drawing all over it with a dry erase marker first, then wipe away. This will help keep the ink put in the future — otherwise the tape will be too clean and the ink will instantly wipe off when you don’t want it to.


12. Create a drop-off point for backpacks, books and assignments.

Establish a space for your kids to put their backpacks, lunch boxes and other school items.


13. Revive a dry erase marker with rubbing alcohol.

Remove the plug from the back of the marker with pliers. Add 20 drops of rubbing alcohol into the tube. Replace the plug, then use pliers to remove the felt tip.

Reverse the tip and place it back in. Store the marker upside down and let it sit for one hour. The marker will work like new!


14. Decorate clean, empty cans and use them to organize school supplies.

You can also use old cereal boxes, jars, Pringles cans or cups!



15. Turn one pencil into two by breaking it in half and sharpening it.

Add an eraser cap to the broken end. This is great for test day when you can only find one pencil and want a backup.


16. Use a sheet protector to create a dry-erase task board and insert your kids’ to-do lists.

Print out this free template, or make your own and slip it into a sheet protector. Clip it to a clipboard and let your kids use a dry-erase marker to check off items once they’ve completed them.


17. Make a dried-out pen write again by holding a blowdryer on the ballpoint tip.


18. Use washi tape to label notebooks for different subjects.


19. Instead of bringing your presentation to class on a thumb drive, upload it to a free website for quick retrieval.

Use a site like https://uploadfiles.io to upload presentations.


20. Keep library books in one place with a designated library-book basket.


21. Download a math app like Photomath to check your child’s math homework.

Photomath is a great tool for parents who have forgotten certain math formulas. *Ahem*


22. Stretch a cut balloon over a cup of water to prevent spills when painting.

The balloon will keep the water in the cup to prevent minor spills from occurring.



23. Use washi tape to reinforce hole punches.

Prevent pages from tearing out of your kids’ binders, and dress them up at the same time. #winning

24. Use a dry erase marker to make an after-school routine clock.


25. Put each child’s schoolwork into a separate bin, and sort through it at the end of the school year.


26. Hang a file organizer with a slot for each family member.

When you get home from school, go through your child’s take-home folder (or ask them to do that!) and place papers in the right family member’s file. Permission slips and event flyers go in Mom and Dad’s slot, while homework and projects go into your child’s.

Then you can each check your file when you have a quiet moment to focus!

TIP: Keep a checkbook and pen in your file so you won’t have to hunt one down when you need it.


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26 Best Back-to-School Homework Hacks You Must Try