The start of a new year means new resolutions to get healthy and stay fit — and while you’re at it, make money with your Fitbit, or earn money by eating healthy.

With these 27 apps, you might actually want to work out!


1. 30-Day Challenge

There are multiple 30-day challenge apps you can download for free. Set a number of exercises you want to complete each day with rest days in between — workout intensity increases each day. The app has six workouts with 13 squat variations, and you can track your progress each day to share with friends.


2. 500 Bodyweight Challenge

Instead of hitting the gym, use your own body weight for each workout. Watch videos to learn each exercise — then take the challenge against a timer. Test yourself and try to beat your record each workout.

Available on Android and iOS.


3. 7-Minute Workout

Don’t want to be in the gym for hours at a time? No problem. Every 7-minute workout is a combination of strength and cardio where each workout session gets more and more intense.

Available on Android and iOS.


4. 8fit

8fit combines workouts with meal planning to reach your fitness goals. Take an initial fitness assessment that’ll match you with workout routines and personalized meal plans.

Available on Android and iOS.


5. Ab & Core Workouts by Sworkit

With this app, you’ll have access to three workouts: Absolutely Awesome, Back Strength, and Complete Core Strength. Professional personal trainers guide you through each workout video.

Available on iOS.


6. AllTrails

Instantly access over 50,000 trails to bike, hike or run. Just add your location to see a collection of trails close to you.

Available on Android and iOS.


7. C25K – 5K Running Trainer

If you’re an inexperienced runner (or maybe just not marathon runner status… yet) try out this app. It helps you gradually build up strength and stamina within eight weeks by alternating between running and walking intervals.

Available on Android and iOS.


8. Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal

Set personal goals, log all your meals, and connect any activity tracker to keep track of your progress.

Available on Android and iOS.


9. Daily Workout

Each of these apps includes multiple workouts that last from 5-10 minutes.



10. Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

Each time you use the app, it generates a new yoga sequence to try. This is basically like going to a yoga class, but for free.

Available on Android and iOS.


11. Fitbit Coach

Sync this app to your Fitbit, and it’ll provide guided videos, a digital training coach, workout routines, playlists, and track your daily activity.

Available on Android and iOS.


12. Fitocracy

Expert fitness trainers help you reach your goals while you track your workouts, earn points, and unlock achievements.

Available on Android and iOS.


13. Freeletics

Freeletics has a ton of 5-30 minute workouts that cover different muscle groups and fitness levels. No gym needed!



If you’re more into strength training and bodybuilding — JEFIT is the app for you. There are thousands of routines, a workout planner, exercise log, progress tracker and more.

Available on Android and iOS.


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15. Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout App

There are over 1,000 workout variations ranging from 7-32 minutes — all ranked from easy to hard so you know what to try.

Available on Android and iOS.


16. Kineticoach

Choose between 1000+ workouts and 150+ movements to create your very own personalized workout routine. Use your body weight or weights if you want to bump up the intensity.

Available on iOS.


17. Lose It!

Track what you’re eating, and sync it to your activity tracker. This is my favorite app for folks wanting to eat healthier or lose weight.

Available on Android and iOS.


18. Nike+ Run Club

Check out Nike+ Run Club for audio guided workouts with Nike coaches and athletes, personalized coaching plans and more.

Available on Android and iOS.


19. Nike Training Club

Choose workouts focusing on strength, endurance or mobility designed by professional athletes and celebrities.

Available on Android and iOS.



20. Qinetic

This app lets you stream various fitness classes including yoga, HIIT workouts and personal training sessions.

Available on iOS.


21. Runister

Download the Runister app for free, and start earning money for your daily activities. For each mile you run outside (sorry, no treadmills), you’ll earn $0.08.

Available on iOS.


22. Run keeper

Whether you’re running, walking, hiking or some other activity, you’ll see real time stats that also encourage you to get more active. Set goals, join challenges, and even get a coach to help you stay motivated.

Available on Android and iOS.


23. Strava Running and Cycling

Do you like to cycle or run? If so, you need the Strava app to keep track of both activities. This app tracks distance, speed, elevation, calories burned, heart rate, power and cadence.

The app records your running speed, distance traveled, time and course taken, and then combines it with leaderboards, achievements and challenges.

Available on Android and iOS.


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24. StrongLifts 5×5

Get started by entering in your best lifts (squats, bench, deadlift, etc.) or start as a beginner. The app will calculate your optimal starting weight for each exercise and also predict how much you should be lifting in 12 weeks. Follow the workout plan, and work toward that end goal!

Available on Android and iOS.


25. Sworkit

Choose between strength training, yoga, cardio, stretching, pilates, or build a custom routine. Sworkit then builds a randomized workout routine that fits your goals. Each workout is different, so you’ll never get bored doing the same old thing.

Available on Android and iOS.


26. Weight Loss Fitness

Manage your workout schedule with these at-home workouts. Some training sessions are only six minutes per day with video and audio coaching support.

Available on Android and iOS.


27. Workout Trainer

Browse thousands of free workouts along with step-by-step audio and video instructions. Follow built-in workouts or create your own!

Available on Android and iOS.



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27 Free Apps to Get Healthy and Stay Fit in 2018