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Do you need a haircut? Stop trying home haircuts or paying insane amounts of money for a quick little trim or a men’s buzz or even a kids’ haircut. If you need a haircut, need to save cash, and don’t want to take scissors to your tresses yourself, you need to know the tricks of how to find cheap haircuts near you.

After all, haircuts aren’t always cheap to begin with, but combine that with inflation and that extra 3-ish% that businesses sometimes take on card purchases and well, you can rack up a big bill at the salon. (Reminder: Ask your local haircut place if they have an extra charge when paying with credit card. If so, always pay with cash to avoid that fee). Region is definitely a big factor, too — with women in Hawaii spending $4 more than the national average — but as of 2016, SquareUp found that the average price of a woman’s haircut was $45 and a man’s was $34. Again, factor in inflation and you know, a tip, and it really adds up.

Of course, you should only pay full price for a haircut if you’re going for a drastic change. Dyeing your hair platinum? Significantly switching up the style? Getting bangs? OK, go to the best salon in town and get it done right. But if you’re looking for a quick trim to cut off the dead ends or straightforward back-to-school haircuts for the kids, you should never pay full price at a haircut spot like Lemon Tree, Great Cuts, Sport Clips, Supercuts, or your local hair school or cosmetology class.

And while Labor Day haircut deals may not really be a thing, there are still plenty of hot haircut specials now for August 2022. Check out latest haircare coupons here to save even more on hair products.

Keep reading for the best tips on where to find cheap haircuts and haircut deals happening right now.

Cheap Men’s Haircuts Near Me


If you find yourself typing “cheap men’s haircuts near me” into Google, chances are you’re not looking for anything extreme — no fancy fades or mohawks that require a lot of upkeep. That’s good news because it’s easier to find a cheap men’s haircut when you’re working with something pretty basic.

Sport Clips

So women can technically get their hair cut and styled at Sport Clips, but it really is a place that specifically caters to men (even in their branding). Either way, it’s very convenient, as Sport Clips has more than 1,850 locations across the U.S.

The best news is, you get a free upgrade to the MVP package — which includes a haircut, steamed towel treatment, shampoo, scalp massage, leave-in conditioner treatment, and a neck massage — on your first visit. Typically, the MVP package costs about $25.

Below, we’ve included sample prices, but individual cost may vary by location.

On average, a Varsity haircut costs $19 (adult), a Sr. Varsity haircut (seniors) $15, a Detail haircut $29, and a Buzzcut $15.

For men with beards, you get the most bang for your buck here at Sport Cuts, too. While Supercuts will run you about $9 for any attention paid to the beard, a beard detailing at Sport Cuts is only $5. Neck trims are free!

Sport Cuts’ other packages include the Triple Play — a Varsity haircut with a hot steamed towel and massaging shampoo add-on for about $22 — and the All-Star Treatment — everything but the haircut for an average of $8.



Great Clips

On average, Great Clips offers the lowest prices, averaging about $4 to $5 less per service than Supercuts. If you just want a cheap cut and don’t care much about the outcome, Great Clips it is. After all, it’ll just grow back if you don’t like it, right?!

On average, it looks like an adult cut — no gender specified on their website — costs about $15, while seniors can snag a cheap haircut for $13. A neck trim runs you about $6 on average, and a beard trim costs about the same.

If you’re looking for a great deal for a cheap haircut right now in August 2022, check out this Great Clips coupon for a $12.99 cut.

Cheap Women’s Haircuts Near Me

A person using scissors to cut the ends of someone's hair.

When finding cheap women’s haircuts, the same logic applies: The simpler the cut, the cheaper. So long as you don’t plan on changing anything too drastically — like your color or length — then paying peanuts for a cheap, easy haircut is totally within reason.


While Supercuts cuts the hair of men, women, and children, it seems to be the best spot for women specifically. On average, a haircut at Supercuts costs about $15, which is more than half of the national average!

Based on the New York City prices of Supercuts, you could score a women’s haircut for anywhere from $15 to $44. If you were looking for just a trim, opt for the Supercut (a precision trim and a Hot Towel Refresher afterward for $15 on average).

For about $5 more (on average) the Supercut II will get you a shampoo, haircut, and the Hot Towel Refresher. To really up the ante, there’s the Supercut III (about $25 on average, and it adds a shampoo, blow-dry, cut, and Hot Towel Refresher).

For an extra $10, you can add the Tea Tree Experience, an extra $13, the conditioning treatment, and an extra $9, a bang trim.

Planning on coloring your hair? That’s where it really adds up, though it’s still probably significantly less expensive than your local hoity-toity hair salon. A coloring at Supercuts could cost $25 and up, while highlights could run you anywhere from $55 to $115 and a glazing, $40 to $50.

Great Clips

Great Clips may just have the cheapest prices — though it depends on your specific location. We included sample prices below, so cost may vary from location to location.

An adult cut costs about $15. For a bang trim, the average is $6 (about $3 less than Supercuts!), and on average, a shampoo starts at $4, and an additional conditioning treatment costs $14.

If you’re looking for a great deal for a cheap haircut right now in August 2022, check out this Great Clips coupon for a $12.99 cut.



Fantastic Sam’s Cut & Color

There’s also Fantastic Sam’s Cut & Color, which has more than 1,250 locations across the U.S. and in Canada. All haircuts include a complimentary shampoo and 3-minute scalp massage; an adult haircut starts at $25 ($30 to add on a blow-dry, $45 to add on a blow-dry and style).

Best Cheap Haircuts Near Me

woman using mobile checkout with card reader at store

When it comes to finding the best cheap haircuts nearby, don’t sleep on your local hair school or cosmetology class. Students are still learning the haircutting craft, so many places will either take optional donations or charge a nominal fee.

For example, Rocky Point High School in Long Island, New York has a cosmetology program for its juniors and senior students. Any treatment — haircut, hairstyle, etc. — costs a suggested donation of $5.

If you’re on Long Island and looking for cosmetology students with more experience, the Long Island Beauty School in Hauppauge charges $10 for a wash and cut; $18 for a wash, cut, and a blow-dry.

Nearby in New York City, the Arrojo Cosmetology School charges $28 for a cut and blow-dry for women. Their men’s prices vary: a Barber Cut is $15 and a Hot Towel Shave is $10. Their Men’s Packages include a $20 Cut & Shave and a $25 Cut, Shave, & Facial special.

On the West Coast, California Beauty College charges $8 for a shampoo and haircut and $11 for a shampoo, cut, and style. For more complicated styles, CBC charges $25 for basic color dye, $40 for foil work, and $35 for a full head lightener. However, these options require consultation ahead of time.

Mid-country, in Overland Park, Kansas, the Mitsu Sato Hair Academy offers everything from hair services and skincare services to bridal packages. There, a fringe trim will cost you $6, a men’s cut will cost you $14, and a shampoo, haircut, and blow-dry for women will cost you $17.

If stopping by the local hair school is not your thing, some salons also offer special discounts. At Shampoo Avenue B in New York, you’ll get 15% off all services Monday through Friday between 3 -8 p.m. In Oregon, Annastasia Salon has a new talent happy hour that features 25% off standard pricing for cut and color (normal pricing is $121) and cut and partial highlight (normal pricing is $131).

In Knoxville, Tennessee, Chop Shop Hair Studio offers some pretty sweet deals that are almost too good to be believed. In the spirit of Music City, Chop Shop will provide a 20% discount on your service if you get up on their indoor stage and play one full song, all the way through.

Not a singer? No worries. Chop Shop also has a Happy Hour for its non-musical folks: Wednesdays and Fridays between 3 and 7 p.m. You’ll get a choice of a glass of wine or a beer and receive 10% off your service.

Looking for a coupon to sweeten the deal? We’ve got you covered:
* 63% off at Cactus Salon & Day Spa in New York via Groupon
* 69% off at Fabi’s Hair Studio in New York City via Groupon
* 40% off at Salon 360 LLC in Florida via Living Social
* 56% off at Kaitlyn at KO Hair Studio in Arizona via Living Social
* 54% off at Metro Salons in New Jersey via Living Social
* 50% off at Mila at Sheer PDX in Oregon via Groupon
* 60% off at Biyoushi Salon in Texas via Groupon

Some salons also offer first-time customers a deal or discount if you show a student, teacher, first responder, police, essential healthcare worker, or military ID.

Cheap Kids Haircuts Near Me

A little boy smiling while having his hair cut.

Kids are so lucky that their haircuts are less, aren’t they? Well, maybe we’re the lucky ones, since we’re paying for them! Again, prices vary by location.

Sport Cuts

At Sport Cuts, kids are eligible for the Jr. Varsity cut, which is what they call their children’s pricing. On average, it’s about $15.



Fantastic Sam’s Cut & Color

At Fantastic Sam’s Cut & Color, kids under 11 can get a haircut for $15. To add on a blow-dry, it’s $19 total.

Great Clips

At Great Clips, the average price of a child’s haircut is about $13.


At Supercuts, kids’ haircut prices are the same as senior citizens’ haircut prices. Both Supercut Jr. and Sr. haircuts cost an average of about $18.95.

Where to Find Cheap Haircuts — Including Haircuts for Kids Under $15