Here at The Krazy Coupon Lady, we love showing you fun (and sometimes messy!) projects to do with the kiddos. But we wouldn’t be very helpful if we didn’t show you a way to keep them clean in the process! Smocks for children are a great way to protect their clothing from nasty stains. No worries, no sewing machine is needed here! For this DIY an old pillowcase and a little ribbon does the trick.

Here is how to make your own smock!

  • For this project you will need one standard size pillowcase. You can purchase one at most thrift stores for less than $1.00 or use one from your house that is no longer needed.
  • You will also need about 1 yd of ribbon and a good pair of scissors.
  • Hold the pillowcase up to your child (closed end up) and “eye” where to cut the hole for the head. Cut the hole and slip it on them so you can now eye where to cut the holes for the arms.
  • Once your head and arm holes have been cut, use your ribbon to gather the fabric on the shoulders. You can then tie it up for a better fit, and the ribbon, of course, adds a little extra pizazz as well.

That’s it! No sewing required, and in a matter of minutes you have the perfect paint smock. So feel free to get messy–your new paint smock has them covered.

Thanks Real Simple!

DIY: Make Your Own Art Smock