I love advent calendars. It's exciting to watch the days wind down to the big celebration! This is a fun advent calendar that you can easily make out of something you probably just have in your kitchen cupboard—a mini muffin tin! The wells in the tin hide a sweet treat for each day until Christmas. I like to fill mine with candy, but other fun ideas could include tiny ornaments to hang on your tree or special holiday activities printed onto little notes. The treats stay hidden using magnet sheets cut into circles. And after the holidays are over, just take the magnets off and put your pan back to use in your kitchen!


Materials Needed:

24-well mini muffin pan
Adhesive magnet sheet (Amazon sells a 2-pack of 8.5″x11″ sheets for $1.97)
Decorative paper
Numbers 1-24, printed from your computer and cut into 1" circles
Ribbon (optional)


1. Cut 24 (2 1/4") circles from one of the magnet sheets.

2. Cut 24 (2 1/4″) circles from the decorative paper and adhere to magnets.

3. Print numbers 1–24 on your printer and cut into 1" circles. Adhere numbers to magnet circles.

4. If you want to hang the advent calendar, tie a ribbon into the holes on each end of the tin.

5. Place candies, ornaments, notes, etc. into each well of the muffin pan and then cover with magnet circles.

6. Enjoy the magic of this season as you count down to Christmas!

DIY: Muffin Tin Advent Calendar