If you’re like me, you’re madly searching for ideas on what to buy your husband, teens, mom, dog, co-workers… Since I’ve spent so much time clicking that my fingers are sore, I thought I’d do a roundup for you of gift guides I found to be helpful. All you have to do is click, sort, and shop away. Good luck!


1. Amazon Gift Guides are sortable by everything.

You can’t browse the aisles at Amazon the way you could at a brick-and-mortar store, but Amazon is giving shoppers the next best thing: a ton of curated holiday gift guides.

In preparation for a busy holiday shopping season, Amazon has some product lists they want to show you. Each one of these guides contains a ton of gifts, but they’ve got plenty of ways for you to narrow down your search. The Amazon gift guides offer plenty of subcategories, plus the ability to filter by price range, and — most importantly — a checkbox that you click to show Amazon deals only.


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2. IKEA’s Gift Giving Shop has endless kids’ gift ideas for under $25.

via IKEA.com


IKEA has gifts for pretty much anyone, sortable by 15 different categories (like home decor, kids & baby, textiles) and by price, size, color, and everything else you can think of. It really makes searching for gift ideas so much easier than doing on the wild wild web.


3. WorldMarket’s Holiday Gift Guide wins for gifts for pet lovers.

via WorldMarket.com


You can’t beat WorldMarket when it comes to inexpensive gifts for pet lovers. They have gift guides for men and women that are pretty typical (robes, bath products, whiskey and wine-themed stuff), but their pet lovers’ gifts are super unique, as are their foreign and classic candy selections (which make awesome stocking stuffers for teens!). The gift guide is searchable not just by price or recipient, but by theme, like White Elephant Gifts, Zen Gifts, Foodie Gifts, etc. Be sure to note the abundance of promo codes and deals, and definitely sign up for the app. This month the app is sending me deals like an extra 10% off for curbside pickup, and $25 off your entire purchase.

Gifts for Pet Lovers:

4. Target’s curated gift idea lists are inspirational and ask easy questions for narrowing down.

The Target Holiday Gift Guide has all the same functionality of these lists — sorting by recipient or price — but two things make it really stand out: their curated lists sorted by theme (Cozy, Comfy Gifts That Feel Like a Hug) or their guide, which you can click through to narrow down the gift by answering questions. They also give a wide range of prices, so you can find something in your budget. Here are some things I found:

Cozy Comfy Gifts That Feel Like a Hug:



5. Urban Outfitters has the best teen gift guides, but you have to trust.

Teens are the most difficult humans to shop for, but somehow Urban Outfitters really gets them. Even if I don’t get it myself. The Urban Outfitters Under $25 Gift Guide is a strange romp through the bizarre. But if you trust, you can make your teen truly happy, and make them think that you’re super hip (even if you’re just confused).

Teen Gift Ideas Under $25:

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