Like all kids, mine absolutely adore Disney movies. At least one thing on their Christmas list every year involves a Disney product. That stuff—especially the actual films—gets expensive! About a year ago, I discovered The Disney Movie Club, and it’s helped make a huge difference in the amount we spend on our Disney movie collection.

Here’s how you can save $84 on nine movies you were going to buy anyway!

1. First, choose 4 Disney DVDs or Blu-rays for $1 total.

You don’t even have to pay shipping on your initial order!

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2. Then, just buy 5 more movies at regular price within 24 months.

You then have two years to buy five more movies at regular price (prices start at $19.95 for DVDs or $29.95 for Blu-rays). After that, you're off the hook. No obligation to buy anything else, and you've just expanded your Disney movie collection for a fraction of what you'd pay in stores.

3. Feel good about saving around $10 per movie.


The normal price of a new Disney DVD is $19.99 at stores like Target, but with Disney Movie Club, you’re only paying about $10 per movie!

4. See how the savings stack up on 9 DVD movies:

*Plus applicable shipping and handling charges **Plus applicable taxes

To get the most bang for your buck from this deal, I recommend joining the club and purchasing six movies to start (the four for $1, plus the two bonus movies—you’ll save $94.20 this way). However, even if you don’t take advantage of the second bonus movie price, you’re still saving $84.16 in the long run.


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