As a mom, I want to create a safe environment for my kids. So I try to feed them well, protect them, and keep them out of harm. Actress Jessica Alba does the same. But after realizing some brand-name household and cleaning products could cause her children harm, she took matters into her own entrepreneurial hands and started The Honest Company, where she sells a line of safe, chemical-free products. She details all of this in her book The Honest Life.

Now, "honestly," I was skeptical. Did I really need an out-of-touch Hollywood celebrity selling me products and advice that worked for her lifestyle? Turns out she's not so out of touch! I've tried the products — and I've got an "honest" love affair with them!

Still, these products (which include everything from diapers and balm to detergent and dryer sheets) aren't as cheap as grocery-store products scored with coupons. But these eco-friendly, non-toxic products can still be scored for extremely reasonable prices using these tips:

Start with a free Discovery Kit

To introduce customers to the products, the company offers a free, generously-sized trial pack called a Discovery Kit (just pay $5.95 shipping). A diapers and wipes bundle is available for parents (choose gender and diaper size) as well as a five-product family essentials kit, which contains 1-2 ounce sizes of soaps, balms, detergents, and washes in a stunning cardboard gift box (perfect for gift-giving to a grad or new homeowner!). Note that automatic enrollment in a monthly shipment of bundled items will happen, but you have seven days to cancel, if you like, after receipt of the free kit. If you stay on auto-shipment of a bundle, you never pay for shipping!

Wait for a sale

I paired my free Discovery Kit with a recent sale, so my shipping cost was covered in one order. A Mother's Day sale allowed $10 off any item or combination of items ($10 minimum purchase only!). The offer notice came via e-mail, so be sure to use the free sign-up to get future deals.

Get a free gift

I don't know how often these come (since I just became a customer of the company this month), but I got a surprise gift of a Mother's Day card with a sweet orange vanilla organic lip balm (So. Yummy.) included with an order I placed around Mother's Day. This regularly $3-4 product was a welcome and unexpected addition to my order — that I wasn't charged for (I checked!).

Use Recycle Bank

Current members of the free, online RecycleBank program can redeem 40 points for a 25 percent off coupon for use online at The Honest Company. The code can only be used for a first-time purchase, though it doesn't expire until December 31, 2013.

Get paid to refer

If your friends make a purchase with The Honest Company, you can earn $20 account credit per person for referral. Just use email, Facebook, or Twitter to share a link. It’s the company’s way of saying thanks for sharing the love and trying the products!

Use the money-back guarantee

Just in case you don't fall in love with the scent of their organic lemongrass handsoap or the super-cute skull-patterned diapers, send back the unused portion of the product for a refund or exchange under their Good Faith return program. You have 365 days from date of purchase to do this! Note: there is a restocking fee for some items that are returned, so check this FAQ page or call customer service at 1.888.862.8818.

Spend $50, get free shipping

Shipping is always free with a $50 or more purchase online, so align your bundles and a la carte choices to take advantage of this. You can also check coupon code sites like RetailMeNot and CouponCabin for occasional shipping and percentage-off codes.

Attend an event

Alba appeared at a local bookstore in my area earlier this month, with giveaways in tow. So if she's coming to your area, you may want to attend a free event to see what sort of swag you might be able to score!


As Jessica says, "healthy," "safe," and "eco" don't have to mean "boring," "beige," and "blah." You can protect your family and your home using fun, stylish and natural products that don't have to cost a fortune!

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