Update: I understand a lot of you didn’t get to redeem your Huggies codes before they changed the system. Dude, I agree—that totally sucks. Solidarity. My opinion about the changes being positive are more about the new rewards program itself, and not about how Huggies went about changing over to the new “no codes” system. I hope you’ll reach out to Huggies about your lost codes and find some resolution.

Huggies recently revamped their entire Rewards system. It. Is. Awesome. I've told you all about Pampers Rewards before. And if you absolutely love Pampers, more power to you! Just between you and me though, Huggies Rewards blows Pampers out of the water.

What are "Rewards?" Both Pampers and Huggies have loyalty programs that reward you based on how many diapers and wipes you buy. Enter codes from the package online or upload receipts to earn points, then redeem points for prizes.

The one thing Pampers has going for it is you can redeem your points for a prize sooner. It only takes 10 small packages of Pampers diapers in order to get the cheapest prize. You'll need to buy 30 packages of comparable Huggies diapers to redeem your points for the cheapest Huggies prize. Let's line 'em up and see:


Huggies vs. Pampers Rewards

Huggies wins because…

No more entering long codes on a website! This is a new feature for Huggies. Just snap a picture of your Huggies purchase receipt and upload it to start earning rewards. You can also link your Huggies account to your loyalty cards for participating retailers.

Get 500 Bonus points for signing up. It shows up immediately in your account. Who doesn't love a little sign-up freebie?! Get more free points for following Huggies on Facebook and Twitter.

The Huggies Rewards App is awesome. Register right from the app and start uploading receipts and earning points. You can also redeem your points using the app.

No minimum amounts required in order to redeem points. You can sign up and immediately redeem your 500 sign-up points for entries into a sweepstakes if you want to.

Huggies diapers go on sale more frequently than Pampers. You'll find a stock-up worthy Huggies diaper deal about once a month.

Awesome prizes. Huggies prizes straight-up rock. Gift cards and diapers are better than child safety locks. Sorry, Pampers.

Earn points without buying diapers or wipes. You can take surveys, read articles, watch videos, check-in at retailers, or invite friends to join. You can even follow Huggies on social media for points!


Pampers needs to step it up because…

Prizes aren't that interesting. I'm just not wowed by laundry samples, but maybe that's because with coupons, I'm getting my Tide detergent for nearly free anyway.

Prizes change frequently. If you have your eye on a specific Pampers prize and you have the right amount of points for it, redeem quickly!

The Pampers Rewards App isn't very useful. It's basically a code scanner. You can't manage your Rewards account or redeem points from the app. Plus, it has a lot of negative reviews.

Pampers diaper sales are less common than Huggies. I see stock-up prices on Pampers about every other month. That doesn't mean Pampers diaper deals don't exist. They're just harder to find.

Fewer ways to earn points without buying diapers or wipes. You can read articles, leave a review, or watch videos to earn points. But for Pampers’ “Grow On” program, you must buy diapers or wipes to earn gifts.

Ultimately, the decision between Huggies and Pampers will come down to your preference in diapers, couponing deals, and how long you want to wait to redeem your points and get a prize. I'm still eyeing the Gap and Amazon gifts cards Huggies is offering. How about you?

Are you a Huggies girl or a Pampers girl? Does Huggies’ new Rewards program change your opinion at all? Share in the comments.

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Why Huggies' New Rewards Program Kicks Pampers' Behind