I tend to think I'm pretty tech-savvy…at least until I leave my house. All around me I see folks tapping and typing and talking away, using a wealth of apps and add-ons and gadgets—so many I would need another lifetime to try them all! So I’ve decided that my go-to technology strategy will remain as it always has been. I will purchase a new device (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) when I really need one. Then I will use it until it a) disappears or wears out, b) the software is no longer supported by its manufacturer, or c) somebody begs for permission to buy me a new one. If you find that one (or more) of these conditions applies to you, this list can help you find coupons and codes, sales and discounts, clearance and close-out items, refurbished products that are like-new, and many more ways to afford the new technology you need right when you need it.

A handy short-term inbox strategy 

Unless you purchase new technology frequently, you will likely want to guard against your inbox getting cluttered with IT-specific offers, deals and news. These three tips can help:

  • Set up a separate email: If you set up a specific email just for your technology-coupon search, you won't have IT-related email cluttering up your main inbox.
  • Set up email inbox routing: Route all tech-related email to a specific folder to read when you have time.
  • Select either text or email: When you join a loyalty club, you can select how you receive information. Here, think "either/or" not "and" to keep from receiving duplicate alerts.

There are plenty of ways to connect to your favorite technology companies so you never miss a special coupon, sale, discount, deal or shipping offer. Here are some of our favorite ways to connect.

1. Dell

2. Apple

3. HP (Hewlett Packard)

4. NewEgg

5. TigerDirect

6. Toshiba

7. Micro Center

8. Fry's Electronics

9. ThinkGeek

10. Dynamism


10 Resources to Help You Afford the Technology You Need