1. Get a discount for recycling old clothes at H&M, Madewell, Levi’s, and The North Face.

Bring in your old apparel — whether they’re the store’s brand or not — and receive a coupon or discount any day of the year.

  • H&M will give you a coupon/voucher worth 15% off your next purchase.
  • Madewell will give you a $20 credit towards the purchase of new jeans when you bring in an old pair.
  • The North Face will give you a $10 credit toward a purchase of over $100 when you drop off unwanted clothing or footwear.
  • Levi’s will also give you 20% off a purchase when you drop off any unwanted apparel.


2. Get free entrance into all national parks on Earth Day.

The National Park Service just turned 100 years old. In honor of their birthday and Earth Day, your whole family gets free admission into all national parks. How sweet is that?!


3. Get 25% off a Travelodge hotel stay.

Travelodge has partnered with the National Parks Conservation Association to celebrate National Park Week (April 15 – 23). So, if you have to travel far to get to a national park, consider staying at a Travelodge where you’ll get 25% off your stay.


4. Mail in your old stuff for donation and recycle used boxes free of charge.

Recycle boxes — especially all those Amazon Prime packages — and your old stuff at the same time!

Fill up boxes with donations (no electronics), and go to GiveBackBox.com to print a free shipping label. Then just drop your box off at any USPS or UPS location. Do this all year long!

Amazon and other retailers have partnered with GiveBackBox.com to pay for your shipping expenses. Get more details here.


5. Or, repurpose old cardboard boxes to help you organize your life.

Why buy drawer organizers when you can easily make your own with old boxes? You can also repurpose cardboard in a variety of crafts and make fun toys for your kids and pets.

Check out these 11 Awesome Ways to Repurpose a Cardboard Box for more ideas.


6. MAC and Lush will reward you when you recycle your old makeup and skincare containers.

Save your empty MAC makeup and Lush containers for free makeup and moisturizer!

  • MAC will give you a free lipstick of your choice whenever you turn in 6 of their packaging containers.
  • Lush will give you a free face mask product whenever you turn in 5 of their empty black pots.


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7. Staples, Best Buy, and Office Max/Office Depot will give you store credit when you recycle old ink cartridges.

Instead of throwing away your old ink cartridges, bring them to Staples or Office Max/Office Depot for in-store credit every time.

  • Staples will give you $2 per cartridge as part of their Staples Rewards program.
  • Best Buy will also give you $2 per cartridge that goes towards your next $40 or more in-store purchase. They’ll also give you 15% off a new HP printer when you bring in any old one for recycling.
  • Office Max/Office Depot will give you 200 points per cartridge (2,000 points = $20) through their Recycling Rewards program.



8. Give old newspaper new life.

Did you know if you wrap fruit in newspaper it will ripen faster? You can also use newspaper to block weeds from growing in your garden. It’s also an excellent odor absorber. So, before you toss your old newspapers, think a little creatively and repurpose them.

Check this out: 15 Genius Things You Can Do with Old Newspaper.


9. Buy in bulk to use less packaging materials and save.

Save even more by purchasing bulk foods by the case at WinCo (save 5%) and Whole Foods (save 15%). If buying a product in large quantities is too much for your family, try splitting the product and costs with a neighbor or friend.

For more bulk-buying tips, check out 14 Bulk-Buying Tips You Should Know.


10. Repurpose plastic bottles.

Plastic bottles can do so much more than you think! Use them and some glow sticks to play glow-in-the-dark bowling, or fill a bottle with rice and small toys/objects to make a fun I-spy game the kids will love — especially on long road trips.

For more creative ideas, check out 12 Incredible Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles.


11. Visit a Natural Grocers on Earth Day for a free reusable bag.

Natural Grocers has given away free reusable shopping bags and more on Earth Day for several years, so check your local store for details similar to this event being held at a Natural Grocers in Kansas this year.


12. Pack groceries in a reusable bag to receive a discount.

Stores like Target, WinCo, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, and Ralph’s have been known to reward customers with $0.05 – $0.10 off per bag or even fuel points when they bring reusable shopping totes to pack their groceries. Check your local store for details.


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