1. Use hashtag searches to find savings on Instagram and Twitter.

Instead of just doing a generalized hashtag search, get specific by adding #(your product)deals or #(your product)coupon. Also try words like discount, code, offer, giveaway, freebie, and specials! Oh, and don’t forget to use hashtags like #ExtremeCouponing, #CouponCommunity, and (my fave) #KrazyWithaK so other fellow couponers can benefit from the amazing deals you find.


2. Trade your Snap for a coupon on Snapchat.

Photo Cred: Groupon

More and more companies are joining the Snapchat way of marketing by running small campaigns where users can snap a picture of their product and the company will snap them back a coupon code. As you can see, Groupon is doing a pretty excellent job of doing this.


3. Participate in Twitter chats and parties to win prizes.

Watch for announcements from your favorite products when they're running Twitter chats or parties. Or, simply search “Twitter parties.” Lots of companies will not only field your questions or share recipes, but they'll give away prizes and even coupons.


4. “Like” brands on Facebook for exclusive coupon codes and freebies.

“Like” your favorite products or company Facebook pages for coupons and special savings. Here are our Top 15 Brands to “Like” on Facebook for Freebies.


5. Turn on Pinterest notifications to be alerted when a saved Buyable Pin drops in price.

Photo Cred: Retail Detail

Make sure to flip your Pinterest notifications under the settings to "yes" so when a Buyable product you've pinned changes in price, you'll be notified immediately and can get first dibs before items sell out.


6. Join Reddit boards for deal and couponing discussions.

Tons of users are flocking to Reddit boards for couponing, frugal living, and ways to save at your favorite stores. Join discussions on what apps are worth downloading, sites to find coupon codes, and much more.

Tip: You can also find the best hacks and couponing tips on KCL’s Tips page.


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7. Follow small and big companies on Instagram for coupon codes.

Companies (especially smaller ones) ask Instagrammers to give reviews of their products and often these Instagrammers will have specific coupon codes associated with their names to use at checkout on the company's site. Check out their profile pages where most Instagrammers have their codes listed.


8. Create interest lists on Facebook and Twitter to organize posts from your favorite companies.

Don’t let coupons, deals, and savings get lost in your feeds! Create organized interest lists on Facebook and Twitter so your favorite companies and products are all together in one easy-to-find place. Make lists like "Local Stores," "Money Gurus," “Deals,” or "Coupon Sites."


9. Use local Facebook groups to watch for sales.

Join neighborhood Facebook groups specific to your area, and watch for local companies and people to post deals and sale items. Many users will post great deals they've found and where to get them, as well as sell their own used items.


10. Join specific store Facebook pages and groups.

A simple search for coupon groups will bring up a multitude of saving-savvy communities where members post their coupon finds and store savings.  There are even specific groups for Target, Whole Foods, and many more retail stores.

“Like” our Krazy Target Deals page on Facebook now!


11. Use Facebook’s "Save" feature for future reference.


See something you like but don't have time to read it or print it out? Make sure to mark it as "Saved" for future reference. This way, you won't miss out on coupons because your Facebook feed moves by too fast.


12. Express concerns and ask questions with a brand’s employees.

Social media is giving customers a new way to interact with a company's customer service for quicker resolution. When I found several pieces of bone in my Italian sausage, I contacted the company through their social media page, and days later in the mail, I received a slew of manufacturer's coupons for their different products to try—and a check for the purchase price of the sausage.


13. Participate in contests and giveaways on all social media platforms.

There are contests and giveaways everywhere on social media. The benefit of entering? If you don't win, sometimes the companies will give you a percentage-off coupon.


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13 Ways to Use Social Media to Save (and Earn) Money