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Holy Garbanzo Beans — Now There's a 2022 Hummus Shortage

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Milk shortage? Check. Sriracha shortage? Check. And now the ongoing supply chain issues are coming for the chickpeas. Yep, looks like a hummus shortage is headed straight for us.

Whether you’re a fan of Sabra Hummus or any chickpea-based product, brace yourself: The Global Pulse Confederation, which monitors the legume industry, says the world supply of chickpeas could drop as much as 20% in 2022.

Why is there a hummus shortage? Where can you get hummus? What are some hummus alternatives I can buy? Here’s what you need to know about the 2022 hummus shortage:


Why is there a hummus shortage?

Really, it’s a series of unfortunate events that have all built on each other. Here’s what’s happened:

  • Australia, the second-largest exporter of chickpeas in the world, has had extreme weather that has reduced their output.
  • Third-largest producer Russia can’t export their chickpeas due to sanctions linked to the war in Ukraine.
  • The U.S., the No. 4 exporter, planted fewer chickpeas in 2022 due to unseasonably cold weather.
  • Cargo ships are still pretty backlogged in U.S. ports, and distribution to stores has slowed down since chickpea containers are having to take “the long way” to grocers via railcar.
  • Countries are in bidding wars to keep chickpeas in stock, driving up prices and creating an unstable environment.


Where can you get hummus?

Everywhere you normally buy hummus — for now. The hummus shortage is in its early stages, which means the smaller chickpea harvest hasn’t trickled down the production line and into fewer products on shelves.

But by fall 2022, hummus lovers will feel the impact of fewer products available.

Popular hummus maker Sabra Dipping Company told Reuters they’ve stockpiled chickpeas “to safeguard against the unexpected.” This comes after Sabra plants were shut down earlier in the year due to massive food recalls.


How is the hummus price affected by the shortage?

Not much — yet. Inflation has already nudged the price of hummus higher. A 10-ounce container of Sabra at Target was $3.29 in 2019; it’s $3.79 in 2022, a 15% jump.

But once the hummus shortage hits, industry insiders expect an even larger jump in a short amount of time; expect to pay as much as $5 for the same 10-ounce tub of Sabra.



How can I reduce the price of hummus?

Sabra Classic Hummus in Target shopping cart

Our favorite way to reduce the price of hummus is to use coupons. Keep tabs on our Sabra coupons page, where you’ll find deals like these recent (but expired) ones:


Can I freeze hummus so it lasts longer?

Yes! If you’ve bought hummus and aren’t sure you’ll use it by the expiration date (which is usually within a couple of weeks once you buy it), keep in mind: Hummus is one of the unexpected foods you can freeze. You’ll extend your hummus’ life from a couple of weeks to the better part of a year.

Although hummus won’t go bad in the freezer for 6 – 8 months, after around four months, the taste and texture will change. But hopefully, by 6 – 8 months, we’ll be out of the hummus shortage.


What are some alternatives to hummus?

Let’s just say the worst happens, and you can’t find hummus on the shelves this fall. Gasp. What’s a pita-eater to do? Here are some cost-friendly alternatives to hummus, most of which are made from other nuts:


Bookmark this page to get the latest information on the hummus shortage. And while you’re at it, follow both our class action settlements and recall page to see if you’re owed money or if a product you have is in a recall.



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