If you’re still catching your breath from back-to-school chaos and you haven’t even thought about Christmas yet, I’m here for ya.

Here’s a list of ways to earn money quickly, since you’ve only got three months to go.

Depending on your Christmas cash goals, you could do one or all of these things and be shopping by mid-December.

Roll up your sleeves and decide that Christmas will not see your Visa or Mastercard this year. And next year, start saving for Christmas early so you can sip hot chocolate by the fire while listening to Christmas music all November and December.


1. Get up to $150 ($50 per month) by maximizing everything Swagbucks has to offer.

Swagbucks has a lot going on all the time.

It can be confusing when you try to wrap your brain around it. Between entering codes, watching videos, signing up for offers, it’s a lot to manage.

And yet, you can still make $50 per month when you use these Swagbucks hacks. Cozy up to Swagbucks, and start making money doing what you’re already doing online.


2. Cash in on rebates and referrals totaling $105 ($35 per month) with Ibotta.

You guys. I know I mention Ibotta all the time. But it deserves every swoon it gets and then some.

I could easily earn at least $105 between now and Christmas redeeming grocery and retail offers on Ibotta. And if you’re new to Ibotta, your friends probably are too. Which means you have the luxury of fresh meat to invite to use the app!

I made $15 in one day just because three friends I referred to Ibotta finally redeemed their first rebate. You make $5 per person you refer. Not only that, but pay attention to bonus opportunities for even more cash.

Once you hit $20 increments, cash out through PayPal and then transfer that money into your checking account. Everyone I refer to Ibotta thanks me and then uses the app almost more than I do.

That’s why I don’t feel bad calling them “fresh meat.”



3. Earn up to $300 ($100 per month) testing websites with TryMyUI.

You could sign up to test website with TryMyUI today and start receiving opportunities to test websites by tomorrow.

To apply to be a website tester, you do a quick audition where TryMyUI records your screen and your voice as you talk through and complete tasks they assign on the website.

After you’re approved, you’ll begin receiving invitations to test websites as they become available.

The catch here is you gotta be fast because opportunities to test are first come, first served. But when you get in, you’ll make up to $20 dollar for a 15-20 minute time investment. Learn more about how I make money testing websites.


4. Make up to $600 ($200 per month) when you pet-sit dogs with DogVacay.

Since so many people travel for Thanksgiving and the winter holidays, it’s a really great time to be a pet-sitter.

Sign up to be a dog host with DogVacay and you can choose your dates of availability along with what breeds of dog you will take.

The more dogs you book, the more money you’ll make.

Depending on your area, you can make $25-$40 per night boarding one dog. Or make $20-$30 per day doing doggy daycare (one-dog price).

You might enjoy the dogs you watch enough to pet-sit part time during the year if you’re at home a lot!

Please note your earnings will depend on how many dogs and how many days or nights a week you want to watch them.


5. Save an average of $138 ($46 per month) in gift cards with round ups and bonuses using the Seashells app.

Seashells rounds up spare change from your purchases and adds a 15% bonus for you. Now, the spare change comes from your bank account, but the 15% is free money.

It’s like a rewards program. So if you spend $3.25 on a coffee at Starbucks, Seashells would round up to $4 and put that extra $0.75 in your Seashells account, along with an extra $0.11 of free Seashells money (15% of the $0.75 round up.)

Use your Seashells money (which yes, includes the money transferred from your checking account too) to cash out on gift card rewards.

You can’t get cash, but that doesn’t matter anyway because you’re not paying bills with this money, you’re buying presents.

It’s perfect. Visit the rewards page to see how many gift card options there are. I’m confident you can find some Christmas gifts at the stores on the list!


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