My family gets hungry! A lot (it’s amazing how they have to eat every 2-8 hours, unlike my venus flytrap, Maynard). So what do I make when I’m so tired? Pop Tarts and Nutella sound good? I make reservations! Oh, save a ton of money.

What? That’s right. I’m about to tell you how I just got $35 worth of food with for $7 (sign up now. I’ll wait.


‪1. I save 50+% every time I buy a certificate.

‪With, not only do I find the perfect place to take my family out for dinner, I choose the best deal. Typically, $10 translates to a $25 certificate to one of their featured, local restaurants. That alone is over 50% savings!

Tip: features semi-regular savings on top of their already generous discounts! Subscribe to their emails to save even more!


2. means I save even more than that.

I’m looking at you, fans! With Raise, I just scored a $25 card for only $6.95. I immediately applied that card to, so less than $7 for $25 in food! (And if you’re not yet signed up with and sign up for a new account, you score $5 more free!) But wait…there’s more!

Tip: Give cards as gifts. You save a few bucks (while winning friends and influencing their bellies). When they like their gift, have them refer you for $10 in egift cards!


3. And I save $10 more on top of all of that.

When I referred a friend who made their first purchase, gave me an added $10 eGift Card as a reward. What’s more, you can sign up as many friends as you’d like at $10 each!

Tip: Read the fine print. Most restaurants require a minimum purchase to use those cards (think of them like coupons). Ex: For a $5 certificate, we have to purchase $10 in food (and drinks don’t always apply).


4. I support the local economy.

‪As if eating for free isn’t enough, I can also search for restaurants by name, cuisine, or distance from my house. There’s everything from family owned mom and pop shops serving my community, right alongside more modern, tasty farm to fork concepts!

Tip: Check out their ‪”Verified Diner Ratings and Reviews” for honest feedback from consumers dishing on their experiences (along with the deal they used).


5. I enjoy app portability.

It’s an app jungle out there, friends. And since I’m choosy about the ones I use,’s app makes my shortlist. When I’m out of town, I use “find deals near me,” and I can even click for map directions.

Tip: For your convenience, call the restaurant ahead of time and make sure they accept vouchers before you buy.

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6. I can exchange coupons for new restaurants.

‪If your family is anything like mine (Nintendo loving, sassy freaks), you’ll find you bought credit toward a burger when the kids decide they want Italian. will always swap out your coupon free of charge, no questions asked.

Tip: Be a good citizen and tip fairly. Sure, you spent $7 for that $25 meal, but don’t stiff your hardworking wait staff by giving them 15% of $4. Give the full tip.


7. There are no expiration dates.

SRSLY (I’m so excited I couldn’t use vowels). Any deal I buy through the site never expires! No more finding a limp, paper coupon expired behind the sofa (don’t judge) or rushing out at the last minute to make sure it gets used.

Tip: Make sure you have Wi-Fi (or some kind of connectivity) to use your mobile gift cards. I typically print the coupons just to be safe. Sorry, trees of the Earth.


‪8. I like their easy signup.

‪They didn’t ask for my maiden name (McAwesome) or my weight (I would have lied anyway). All I had to do was enter my name, email and zip code. Or I can simply click register with Facebook. #thankyouZuckerberg

Tip: Some of the deals disappear quickly, like ninjas into the night! Pay attention to their emails (or check the site often) for incredible, limited deals.


9. I get way more options than dinner.

‪Despite its foodie name, its “specials” category tab offers deeply discounted deals on theater tickets, concerts, sports, museums, magazine subscriptions, golf course memberships, car rental packages, and even vacations for a ridiculously low price.

Tip: Because Specials by deals usually consist of an eGift Card packaged with a deal from an affiliated company, all deals offered from Specials by must be purchased separately with a credit card (not with your coupons or vouchers).


There’s always a downside:

As with all things, read the fine print. If you have questions, ask them (I just emailed this morning with a question). Many restaurants participating in this program exclude alcohol and drink costs from the minimum required total, so ask the restaurant for its policies just to be sure. If you’re not sure if a restaurant allows vouchers, call ahead of time to ask.

As a user for the last 2 years, it’s almost like I’m getting paid to eat. Almost. You’re welcome. Go ahead and sign up. You won’t lose your lunch.


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