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9 Secret Ways to Get the Best Deals on Amazon

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Show me a human who doesn’t want to save money shopping Amazon and I’ll show you a big, fat liar.

Literally everyone with an Internet connection needs to know how to save more money on Amazon. So let’s start with a few tricks to help you stay a few steps ahead of the e-commerce giant.


1. Use Paribus to request compensation from Amazon if your shipment is late.

Amazon guarantees Prime packages will arrive in two days or less. If your package is even a day late, you can email Amazon and notify them of the late shipment to get compensated. But who has time for that?!

Instead, let Paribus do the heavy lifting for you. Sign up to allow Paribus to monitor your Amazon shipments, and Paribus will notify you when one of your shipments is late, along with instructions to request compensation.

Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.


2. Filter by percent-off discount when you know the secret URL code.

Did you know you can shop Amazon by highest percent-off discount? Yup. And you kinda get to feel like a computer nerd while doing it too.

First, decide what range of discount you want. Let’s say you want to see everything with a 50-70% off discount. You’re going to add a secret code at the end of the Amazon URL. Take your secret code (&pct-off=) plus your range of desired discount (50-70) so it looks like this altogether: &pct-off=50-70

Next, add this to the end of the Amazon URL. So it looks like this in your Google search bar:

If you want to search 25-50% off, just put 25-50 after the secret code. There, now you can tell your friends that you’re basically a programmer.


3. Get notified when prices drop with The Tracktor.

The Tracktor is an online tracking tool that helps you figure out if your Amazon item is currently sitting at a good price point.

Enter the Amazon URL for the item (or the ASIN, or product name) and The Tracktor will give you a price history plus the option to set an alert when the price drops. You can even choose your price point and get an alert when your item reaches your ideal price.


4. Buy a gift card to meet the $35 free shipping threshold.

Need to meet the minimum spending threshold so you can get free shipping? (I gotta say it — maybe you should sign up for Prime…?)

Okay, okay, if that’s a no-go for you and you’re trying to avoid shipping — which you totally should — don’t add crap to your cart just to get free shipping. Instead, add a gift card for things you’ll actually use. Like Starbucks, Netflix or Amazon (you better believe you can add an Amazon gift card!)



5. Or, use to reach the $35 free shipping threshold without going over.

Amazon is a lifesaver if you don’t have Amazon Prime or you don’t qualify for free shipping. You can enter the exact amount you need to spend in order to reach $35, and will give you a list of options.

For example, if you are spending $32.07 on Amazon and you are just $2.93 short of qualifying for free shipping, you can input that on and find out you need to buy a box of Cracker Barrel Macaroni and Cheese for $2.93 in order to get free shipping.

Hey, as long as it’s cheaper than it would cost to pay for shipping, it’s a legit move!


6. Get all your Prime packages delivered to the trunk of your car.

It’s true — you can get your Amazon packages delivered right into your vehicle through the Amazon Key program.

Make sure you park your vehicle in a public place where your trunk is accessible. This perk is free for Prime members in certain cities with certain vehicles. Find out if Amazon currently serves your car type and your city.

Spoiler alert: Your car must be a 2015 model year or newer Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, or Volvo. It must also have On Star or similar car service plan.


7. Save an automatic 5% with the Amazon Prime credit card.

If you’re spending at least $2,000 per year on Amazon, you’ll earn back your $99/year membership fee if you have an Amazon Prime credit card.

Prime members get access to the Amazon Visa Signature credit card, which offers 5% cash back on all Amazon purchases and 1% back on other purchases.

Not that anyone actually spends $2,000 in one year on Amazon…right?!


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8. Reload your Amazon gift card with at least $100 and get a $5 bonus + 2% cash back.

Free money, yo.

The first time you reload a gift card with $100 (or more), Amazon will add an additional $5 to your balance.

If you’re a Prime member, use your checking account to reload the gift card, and you’ll get 2% cash back on the total amount of your gift card balance. So if you have a $100 gift card balance and you add another $10 to it, Amazon will pitch in an extra $2.20.

This will happen every time you reload your gift card through your linked checking account.


9. Set yourself an Amazon Allowance to avoid overspending.

Amazon wants to help you with your self-control issues. Did you know you can add gift card funds to any Amazon account through Amazon Allowance? And the best part is you can give yourself a budget to spend on Amazon.

Amazon Allowance began so parents could send their college kids limited amounts of money to spend on Amazon. It beats sending a check or depositing money into checking accounts! You can set it up as a one-time thing or a recurring thing (daily, weekly, monthly or once every two weeks).

The recipient just needs their own email address and an Amazon account.


Paribus compensates us when you sign up for Paribus using the links we provided.


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